Deadline NYU Internal Deadline - September 7, 2018
External Deadline - October 9, 2018
(for grants beginning Fall 2019)
Eligibility Bachelor's by time of award
Duration Varies by country, generally 8-12 months

Candidates must

  • be a U.S. citizen
  • hold a bachelor's degree before the beginning date of the grant


The English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Programs place Fulbrighters in classrooms abroad to provide assistance to the local English teachers. ETA’s help teach English language while serving as cultural ambassadors for the U.S. The age and academic level of the students varies by country, ranging from kindergarten to university level.

Applicants for English Teaching Assistant Programs can apply to only one country. Review the details on specific country requirements and numbers of awards.

ETA application components are listed on the Fulbright site.  

In general, the Fulbright has an excellent website that takes you through all the application steps. It includes checklists, application tips, and webinars. We strongly recommend you consult the website very carefully.

Submission Timeline & the Faculty Review Process

The final deadline for Fulbright applications is generally mid-October. Applications are submitted online using the Embark system, which opens for applications from March to mid-October.

However, there are some important caveats to this final deadline.

  1. You need to decide whether you will apply “under” NYU or “at large.”
    If you choose the latter option, you are free to submit right up until the final deadline date. Your application will not need to be evaluated by NYU (see below). However, it also means that you will not have the chance to use NYU’s support structures and resources, nor use the faculty review as a way to strengthen your application. Statistically speaking, you are twice as likely to win a Fulbright if you apply under your school rather than “at-large.”
  2. If you apply “under NYU,” there is an internal mid-September deadline for your application materials. (N.B. If you are part of the FADP, there is a slightly earlier internal deadline.)
  3. This internal deadline is because the NYU Office of Global Awards needs time to convene a faculty committee to interview you and provide an evaluation of your application. This is a requirement, not an option, and we do it at the request of the Fulbright Program.

The interview will take approximately 30 minutes and will be scheduled once we receive your application materials. After these interviews are over, you will have a chance to revise and strengthen your application. We will send you detailed outline of this process when you submit in mid-September.

Frequently Asked Questions  

NYU Fulbright ETA Recipients

Eric Ives (Germany, 2015): 

With the ETA grant, I spent part of my time as a cultural ambassador for the US, helping students learn English and hopefully a thing or two about America and Americans. My approach was to use theater and performance as an approach to language learning.

Advice: Everyone has an idea of their own path, their own "story-so-far", but on an application you get one single-spaced page to convince readers why you would make a great fit for that fellowship. These statements make or break your application because they are telling your story in a way that transcripts and GPA cannot. What is the fellowship looking for? Which specific experiences have demonstrated those qualities? 

Rachel Hsiung (Brazil, 2013): 

My Fulbright fellowship was for an ethnographic study on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After returning, I realized I wanted to create tangible products utilizing ethnography so I started working as a User Experience designer. In Fall 2014 I will be starting an MFA in Interaction Design at SVA.

Advice: The Fulbright really changed my life. For 9 months I felt completely liberated to study, think about, and work on something that I believed was important, but that fell outside of what a "normal" career path or academic path would be. It was a time period wherein I felt completely supported in my passion, thanks to the fellowship. If I had to give any advice it would be this: If you are applying for this fellowship, really dig deep to figure out what it is you would love to wake up and do every day for the rest of your life, and use the Fulbright to make that happen.