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Licensure Qualifying Programs, Except for Teacher Education

The application form accessed at the link below is to be completed for a new degree program in a licensed profession.

When proposing a program leading to a certificate or advanced certificate, to a doctoral program, or in nursing, please first contact the Office of Academic Program Review for information on the appropriate form to use.

Depending on the professional field of study, additional materials may be needed to supplement the application form. Please submit an elective copy of a brief description of the proposal program to the Office of Academic Program Review as early as possible in the planning process to avoid delay.

If proposing a graduate degree program, you will need an evaluation of the program by a recognized expert in the field who has been approved in advance by the State Education Department, as well as a response to the evaluation. Please provide the Office of Academic Program Review with a brief description of the proposal and the vita of 3 or 4 proposed reviewers via email as early as possible in the planning process to avoid delay.

Appplication for Registration of a New Program in a Licensed Profession (.doc)

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and complete the below documents on-line. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click to download a free copy of it. Please note that you will not be able to save text entries with Adobe Acrobat Reader; you need to have Adobe Acrobat software installed to save the forms.)



Additional Requirements

The following information should be provided to the Office of Academic Program Review separately from the above program proposal documents. Please submit two copies.

  1. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan: For information on requirements for assessment plans and sample templates, please visit the Academic Assessment and Reporting site. Your Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan should be submitted to the Office of Academic Assessment by email to Diana Karafin at the same time as your program proposal is submitted to the Undergraduate Curriculum Advisory Committee or to the Graduate Commission. The proposal submission to either of those groups should also include your assessment plan. If you have questions about outcomes assessment visit this website.
  2. Undergraduate Program Requirements     
  3. Graduate Program Requirements

If you are proposing a program which will involve marketing and/or advertising, non-classroom experiences (clinical experiences, field work, internships, etc.), or proctoring in a state other than New York, you must also visit the Non-NY State Authorization and Distance Education tab for additional information and requirements concerning approvals necessary from other states.




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