New Programs

STEP 1: Internal NYU School Approval

  • Obtain required approvals from your School: Dean’s Approval, Faculty Committee Approval, etc.
  • Identify any potential areas of interschool conflict as well as possible connections to existing programs within schools, and work as relevant to secure support from other Deans, faculty, etc.

STEP 2: University Committee Approval

  • Schedule a 15 minute consultation with Academic Program Review & Assessment (OAPRA) to prepare for the next steps in the program review process
  • For Undergraduate Programs, submit a proposal and receive approval from the Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC)
  • For graduate programs, submit a Memo of Intent, followed by a full proposal and receive approval from the Graduate Program Committee (GPC)

STEP 3: New York State Education Department (NYSED) Approval

  • Complete all necessary documentation to submit a formal proposal to NYSED for approval. This will include:
  1. Proof of UPC/GPC approval;
  2. Completed NYSED forms & supporting documentation;
  3. Non-NYS Authorization Form;
  4. Student learning outcomes assessment plan;
  5. Undergraduate or Graduate Requirements Form

    Proposals will not be reviewed until ALL aforementioned documentation has been provided to OAPRA
  • Once all documentation is completed, submit to OAPRA for review. Work with OAPRA on revisions
  • Once finalized, OAPRA submits proposal to NYSED for approval. Review process may take 3-5 months or longer.
  • You may not advertise or market the program UNTIL you receive official approval letter from NYSED

    STEP 4: NYU System Integration and Program Launch

  • Upon receipt of official approval of your new program from NYSED, work directly with OAPRA to notify appropriate NYU organizations to prepare for launch
  • You may now market, advertise, and recruit students for your new program.