Program Approval Pages

Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment

The Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment (OAPRA) is NYU’s central liaison with educational authorities that regulate the launch of new programs and changes to existing programs, participation in educational activities across the United States, and distance education opportunities for students. After securing necessary internal school and University committee approvals for these actions, schools are responsible for reaching out to OAPRA to determine compliance implications and next steps.

 Program Review Overview

  • The types of educational authority approvals required will depend on the details of the educational activity being proposed. External approving bodies may include New York State Education Department (NYSED), Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), various state agencies outside of New York State, and others.
  • All new program proposals and substantive changes to existing programs require formal approval from the relevant Dean’s Office prior to moving forward with the approval process.
  • External approvals must be secured PRIOR to implementation (i.e., do not advertise a new program until necessary approvals are secured)