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Timetable for the self-study as of February 2, 2014

ActivityDate or Deadline
Activity  Date
Logistical and other preparations for self-study Spring 2012
Status report to President    
March 15, 2012
Steering Committee Appointed March-April 2012
First meeting of Steering Committee April 16, 2012
Consultation visit by Ellie Fogarty, Middle States liaison April 25, 2012
Status report to President  
July 9, 2012 
Working Groups formed July 15, 2012 
Draft of Self-Study Design submitted to Middle States September 15, 2012
Presentation to meeting of provosts and deans September 19, 2012
Announcement of  Middle States Self-Study to NYU community September 2012
Response from University community October 10, 2012
Recommendations for Evaluation Team Chair submitted to Middle States
October 2012
Working Group chairs interim report to Steering Committee meeting December 12, 2012
Evaluation Team Chair selected by Middle States January 2013
Working Group chairs initial draft reports to Steering Committee meeting February 21, 2013 
Status report to President    
February 25, 2013
Draft questionnaire to be sent to sample of inter-school programs sent to Steering Committee for comments and suggestions of other groups. February 27, 2013
Questionnaire sent to sample of inter-school programs  March 12, 2013
Preliminary draft reports from working groups - sent to steering committee April 1, 2013
Steering Committee meeting to discuss working group reports and integrating chapter April 15, 2013
Steering Committee comments on working group reports April 22, 2013
Working Group reports revised; 
draft introduction, integrating chapter, and financial sections prepared     
May, June 2013
Status report to President
June 25, 2013
Information received from NYU offices for Document Review July 2013
Draft report, excluding conclusion, sent to Steering Committee July 19, 2013
Meeting of Steering Committee to discuss draft report
August 1, 2013 
Status report to President
September 6, 2013
Status report at Common Days
September 10, 2013
Draft 2 of report (including conclusion) sent to University community
September 10, 2013
Middle States conference call with Middle States team chair, document reviewers, president, and Self-Study Chair and Coordinator September/October 2013
Responses received from those who received draft 2
October 3, 2013
Document Review Roadmap related to Middle States standards not covered by Self-Study Design submitted October 14, 2013
Draft 3 of report sent to Steering Committee October 15, 2013
Visit by generalist evaluators/document reviewers for review of documents related to standards not covered by Self-Study 
October 28, 2013
Visit by Evaluation Team Chair
October 29, 2013
Steering Committee comments received October 30, 2013
Evaluation Team to be appointed by Middle States December 2013
Report of generalist evaluators received from Middle States December 2013
Status report at University Senate December 5, 2013 
Final draft for President Sexton December 10, 2013
Documents to verify compliance with federal regulations to be submitted to Middle States by January 13, 2014
Submission of Self-Study to Middle States February 10, 2014
Self-Study distributed to University community on website February 2014
Visit of Evaluation Team member to study abroad sites March 2014
Site visit by Evaluation Team March 24-27, 2014
Evaluation Team draft report sent to NYU to correct factual errors April 10, 2014
NYU responds to team report April 20, 2014
Team Chair sends formal report to Middle States  April 27, 2014
NYU formal response to final report TBD
Middle States Commission on Higher Education meeting on NYU accreditation June 2014

Note: This timetable does not include the extensive consultation with individuals at the Uniiversity.

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