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Use Your Results

Results from student learning assessments are collected, analyzed, and reported to faculty for discussion and feedback. Sharing and discussion of assessment results can occur in faculty committees, meetings, workshops, retreats, etc. Results can be used to identify what students have and have not learned and to calibrate the program's response accordingly. For instance:

  • Faculty can recognize and appreciate their students’ successes. Given high levels of student achievement, faculty can determine if it would be appropriate to challenge students further
  • Suggestions can be made to address student weaknesses (e.g., employing additional or new types of coursework, assignments, courses, academic support, instructional methods)
  • Decisions can be made regarding the appropriateness of program goals. Are they too challenging? Not challenging enough? Still aligned with the program’s mission? (However, please note that learning goals should drive curriculum, not vice versa.)
  • Faculty can adapt the curriculum to better align with program goals

Faculty can discuss the appropriateness and usefulness of the assessment activities that are being conducted. Are the current assessment instruments capturing information that is useful? Are the assessment instruments aligned with course objectives and program goals?

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