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Define the Context

The mission is a broad statement of purpose that can guide faculty decision-making in designing a focused and coherent program of study and allows students to determine if the program is aligned with their educational and post-graduation goals. The mission statement may articulate the purpose, philosophy, and values of the program, as well as identify the approaches used to fulfill the mission. Mission statements should be succinct, accurate, clear, and realistic and should reflect input from program faculty. Mission statements should be revisited for accuracy and relevance as often as appropriate for the discipline. Below are several examples of statements that might be included as part of a mission statement:

  • The program is designed to prepare students for graduate school, professional school and/or the workforce
  • The program focuses on developing problem-solving and information-gathering skills that can be applied even as the knowledge base of the field changes
  • The program strives to produce students who are creative thinkers via an interdisciplinary approach to learning
  • The program produces students who are on the cutting edge by offering courses taught by leading practitioners in the field
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