Expectations for all NYU Programs

  • Active degree- and certificate-granting programs across all majors and degree levels are expected to conduct ongoing cycles of program-level assessment of student learning outcomes, and to annually submit update reports to their designated Assessment Council Liaison(s).  

What is Required?

An annual assessment report that answers the research question: Have students learned what they should upon completion of the program? Regardless of format, include the following components:

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3



  • Student Learning Outcomes: Include 3-5 program-level student learning outcomes. Assess at least 1 learning outcome each year.




  • Methods & Measures: For each outcome being assessed, identify the research design by which student learning will be measured (e.g., benchmarks/standards to be used for comparison). Include at least 1 direct measure of student learning.



  • Collect & Use Results: Include assessment results collected and analyzed by program faculty and administrators, and how results were/will be used to improve the program (e.g., changes to curriculum or policies, faculty development). Supporting documentation is encouraged (e.g., summary of data, minutes from faculty assessment meetings).


Timeline: Annual Reporting Cycle


Assessment Council liaisons meet with Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment (OAPRA) staff to:

  • Review results from OAPRA analysis of assessment reports submitted in prior cycle.
  • Confirm status of active programs, new programs, and programs that share assessment plans.
  • Discuss program and school-specific needs to further grow assessment practices and use of assessment results.
  • Outline goals and an action plan for the current academic year.


Program faculty responsible for assessment meet to determine:

  • Which student learning outcome(s) will we assess this year?
  • How will we assess the outcome(s)? What methods, measures, sampling strategies, etc. will we employ?
  • What is our internal timeline to collect data, review results, discuss how results will be used, and complete the annual required assessment report?


Program faculty responsible for assessment:

  • Collect and analyze assessment data.
  • Determine how results will be used to improve student learning in the program.
  • Prepare and submit annual assessment report to Assessment Council liaison.

Assessment Council liaisons:

  • Submit all program-level assessment reports within the school/unit to the NYU assessment digital archive.


Assessment Council liaisons:

  • If necessary, negotiate alternative deadlines for programs requiring an amended schedule with the OAA (e.g., to align deadline with professional accreditation cycles, or to accommodate program-defined assessment strategies that require additional time).

The Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment (OAPRA):

  • Content-code assessment reports submitted at the close of the year, adding new data to the master NYU assessment database.
  • Generate school-specific reports with analyses of program-level data to be reviewed with Assessment Council liaisons in the fall term.
  • Craft summary report of the state of academic assessment at NYU to be submitted to senior leadership.