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Academic Assessment Council

The Assessment Council is comprised of faculty, staff and administrator liaisons representing each academic unit within the NYU community. Meeting several times per semester, the Council creates innovative assessment strategies, monitors compliance with university and accreditation assessment policies, shares success stories and assessment-related challenges, and develops meaningful practices to improve student learning across NYU programs and units.


Cybele Raver (Co-Chair)
Vice Provost of Academic, Faculty and Research Affairs

Diana Karafin (Co-Chair)
Director of Assessment and Evaluation

Barnett Hamberger (Middle States Liaison)
Assistant Provost, Academic Program Review

Brianna Bates
Assistant Director, Academic Program Review

Richard Kalb
Associate Dean for Students

James Mazza
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs

Charles Seife

Trace Jordan
Clinical Associate Professor

Vincent Renzi
Clinical Associate Professor

Andrea Schreiber
Associate Dean of Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs

Louis Terracio
Vice Dean for Research

Barbara Krainovich-Miller
Associate Dean, Academic and Clinical Affairs

Sonia DeLuca Fernandez
Director of Research and Assessment

Michael Dinwiddie
Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs

Celeste Orangers
Assistant Dean for Academic Policy Administration and Institutional Research

Martina Lynch
Director, Planning and Assessment

Cheryl Merzel
Director, MPH Program; Clinical Associate Professor of Global Public Health

Janet Alperstein
Senior Director, Academic Services and Support

Ryan Poynter
Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Kathleen Talvacchia
Associate Dean

Priscilla Soucek
Director of Graduate Studies

Diann Witt
Assistant Dean of Planning and Student Services

Thomas Pugel
Vice Dean for MBA Programs

Julie Chambers
Associate Director, Professional Programs

Anya Takos
Director, PhD Program 

Fred Schwarzbach

Peter Diamond
Core Program Coordinator  

James Zellinger
Manager of Institutional Research

Hilary Ballon
Professor & Deputy Vice Chancellor

Diane Geng
Assistant Director, Academic Affairs

Rachel Maxwell
Associate Director

Richard Thorsen
Vice President Emeritus; Senior Advisor to the President

Michael Mainiero
Executive Director of Academic Administrative Services

Ellen Lovitz
Director of Student Affairs Administration, Curriculum Planning and Adjunct Affairs

Ann Lederman
Associate Director, Operations Research  

Elizabeth Larsen
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Urban Planning

Connee Zotos
Clinical Associate Professor

Jessica Martin
Assistant Director, Academic and Faculty Affairs

Elizabeth Rohlfing
Assistant Dean for Planning

Mike Ambrosino
Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education

Colleen Gillespie
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Tazuko Shibusawa
Associate Dean, Professional Programs; Director, MSW Program

Takako Kono
Assistant Director, MSW Program Services

Robert Hawkins
Associate Professor in Poverty Studies

Vincent Guilamo-Ramos
Director, PhD Program

Genielle Salazar
Assistant Director, PhD Program  

Heather Herrera
Director, Academic Affairs

Jessica Sears
Administrative Manager

Danny Anthony Schieffler
Manager, Doctoral Studies

Robert Rowe
Associate Dean, Research and Doctoral Studies

Louis Scheeder
Associate Dean of Faculty

Joan Maniego
Assistant Director, Office of Deputy Dean

Susan Hilferty
Chair of Design Department

Carrie Meconis
Assistant Director

Laura Levine
Associate Professor

photo of meeting

Upcoming Events

Regular Meeting
February 25, 2015, 2:00-3:30pm
Bobst Library, 12th Floor, President's Conference Room

Minutes & Presentations


12.12.2013 (PDF)

10.20.2014 (PDF)

02.25.2015 (PDF)


09.11.2013 (PDF)

10.30.2013 (PDF)

12.12.2013 (PDF)

06.02.2014 (PDF)

10.20.2014 (PDF)

02.25.2015 (PDF)

Guest Presentations

Piloting an Enhanced Service Model for Instructional Technology (PDF)

  • Elizabeth McAlpin, NYU Global Technology Services, 10.30.13

Supporting What Faculty Do Best: Teachers, Scholars, Researchers, and Critics Take on Assessment (PDF)

  • Jeannine Pinto, Fordham University Office of Institutional Research, 12.12.13
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