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Academic Assessment

At NYU, academic assessment of student learning is an ongoing, multilevel process designed to ensure continuous improvement of educational programs.  Assessment fosters sustainable processes that meaningfully engender evidence-based evaluation of student learning across individual courses, programs, units, and the entire institution.

These processes are collaborative and guided by the institution's mission for excellence in teaching and learning.  They also serve as a primary mechanism for driving information-based enhancements to existent academic and cocurricular programs, and inspiring new innovations and student learning initiatives. 

A complete assessment cycle involves identification of student learning outcomes, measurement of student learning, analysis, and a sustained and continuous improvement of educational offerings in light of assessment results.

All NYU schools participate in this ongoing process of improvement and have designated assessment liaisons to facilitate this endeavor in collaboration with faculty and NYU's Office of Academic Assessment.  In addition, NYU's University-wide Assessment Council, comprised of faculty and administrators, meets regularly to discuss issues regarding teaching, learning and to share assessment best practices.

Consider a Consultation

Programs, faculty, and staff seeking assistance with any aspect of their academic assessment plan are encouraged to schedule a consultation with the Office of Academic Assessment (OAA). 


one-on-one meeting Based on your preferences, the OAA will schedule a face-to-face or phone meeting with you to assist with your specific assessment needs.
group meeting Based on your preferences, the OAA will schedule a face-to-face or phone meeting with your group (you decide who to invite), to assist with your specific assessment needs.
group presentation The OAA will conduct a presentation to address a specific assessment topic or series of topics.  The OAA will work closely with you to coordinate an appropriate date, time, location, and invite list for the presentation.  All presentations will conclude with sufficient time for audience members to ask questions, share comments, and provide feedback.

  To schedule a consultation, please follow these steps:

1. Email or call (212-998-4426) the Assistant Director of Assesment and Evaluation and be prepared to summarize the details of your request for assistance.  Please include answers to the following questions:

*What is the nature of your request for help?  Please be as specific and detailed as possible.

*Can you provide any supporting documentation to aid the OAA in crafting suitable and relevant resources to help with your request?

*What will best meet your needs: a one-on-one meeting, a group meeting, or a group presentation?  Please provide names, titles, and contact information for all individuals you wish to include in the consultation.

*Is your request urgent?  If so, please explain. 

2. The OAA will respond to your request within 2-3 days, and work closely with you to schedule a date/time for your consultation.

3. After the consultation, the Assistant Director of Assessment and Evaluation will continue to serve as a resource should you require further assistance. 

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Institutional Support

The Office of Academic Assessment serves to grow and support the ongoing efforts of academic departments and units assessing student learning.
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Guidelines & Expectations for All NYU Programs

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Assessment Planning & Development

Designing and implementing a solid assessment plan requires some planning. From help with crafting student learning goals to defining appropriate measures of student learning outcomes to analyzing and using results, numerous resources are available to the NYU community to facilitate these processes.
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Requirements & Reporting

All degree and certificate granting programs are required to complete an annual assessment of student learning outcomes, and to submit a report of these activities to their deans on an annual basis. What are the specific policies and procedures for annual assessment requirements?
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