Academic assessment is a form of research designed to capture valid evidence that students, upon completion of their programs, have adequately demonstrated the knowledge and capabilities expected of them. Research findings provide faculty with insight about gaps in student learning that can inform ongoing efforts to improve programs and learning opportunities.

At NYU, student learning outcomes assessment is an ongoing process of educational program improvement. Assessment fosters sustainable and evidence-based evaluation of student learning across courses, programs, units, and the institution as a whole.

Academic assessment is collaborative and guided by the institution's mission for excellence in teaching and learning. It also drives enhancements to existent academic and co-curricular programs by answering the research question: Have students learned what they should upon completion of the program?

All NYU schools participate in student learning assessment and have designated liaisons to collaborate with faculty and NYU's Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment. In addition, the University-wide Academic Assessment Council, comprised of faculty and administrators, meets regularly to discuss teaching and learning issues, and to share best practices. These efforts aim to create and maintain a culture where evidence is used to shape pedagogy and learning.