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Academic Resources

Academic enterprise is central to the mission of the NYU community.  Here is where students, faculty and other community members can find information about the resources that support the University's academic endeavors.  Learn about the University's accreditation and self-study design or the process for new program approval.  Current and prospective students can browse course offering in different school bulletins, and current students and recent graduates can request a transcript.  NYU's network of support resources can help every student make the most of myriad learning opportunities. From faculty interactions to academic advising, to the three million volumes housed in the twelve stories of Bobst Library, NYU is at the forefront of teaching and research.  Navigate this page to learn more about the academic resources NYU provides to its community members.


Programs of Study



Accounting (Stern)
Acting (Tisch)
Actuarial Science (Stern)
Acute Care Surgery (Medicine)
Adrenal Surgery (Medicine)
Advanced Digital Applications (SPS)
Africana Studies (Arts & Science)
Africana Studies & Museum Studies (Arts & Science)
American Sign Language (Steinhardt)
American Studies (Arts & Science)
Ancient Aegean, Egyptian, Greek & Roman Art (IFA)
Ancient Near Eastern & Egyptian Studies (ISAW, Arts & Science)
Ancient Science (ISAW, Arts & Science)
Ancient World (ISAW)
Anthropology (Arts & Science)
Anthropology & Classical Civilization (Arts & Science)
Anthropology & Linguistics (Arts & Science)
Applied General Studies (SPS)
Applied Physics (Engineering)
Applied Quantitative Research (Arts & Science)
Archaeology (IFA)
Architecture (IFA)
Archives & Public History (Arts & Science)
Art & Public Policy (Tisch)
Art & Education (Steinhardt)
Art History (Arts & Science)
Art History & Classics (Arts & Science)
Art of the Middle East & South Asia (IFA)
Art Therapy (Steinhardt)
Art, Studio (Steinhardt)
Asian/Pacific/American Studies (Arts & Science)
Atmosphere Ocean Science (Courant)
Atmosphere-Ocean Science & Mathematics (Arts & Science)


Bariatric Surgery (Medicine)
Basic Medical Sciences (Sackler Institute, Arts & Science)
Bilingual Education (Steinhardt)
Biochemistry (Arts & Science)
Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology (Medicine)
Bioethics (Arts & Science)
Bioinformatics (Engineering)
Biology (Arts & Science)
Biomaterials (Dentistry)
Biomedical Engineering (Engineering)
Biomolecular Science (Engineering)
Biotechnology (Engineering)
Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship (Engineering)
Brass Studies (Steinhardt)
Business & Political Economy (Stern)
Business Administration (Stern)
Business & Technology Management (Engineering)
Business & Workplace Education (Stern)


Cardiac Surgery (Medicine)
Cardiology (Medicine)
Cardiothoracic Surgery (Medicine)
Career Education & Life Planning (SPS)
Cell Biology (Medicine)
Central & East Asian Art & Archeology (ISAW)
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (Engineering)
Chemical Engineering (Engineering)
Chemistry (Arts & Science)
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (Medicine)
Child Development & Social Intervention (Steinhardt)
Childhood Education (Steinhardt)
Cinema Studies (Arts & Science, Tisch)
Civil Engineering (Engineering)
Classical Civilization (Arts & Science)
Classical Civilization & Hellenic Studies (Arts & Science)
Classics (Arts & Science)
Clinical Research (Dentistry)
Colon & Rectal Surgery (Medicine)
Communicative Sciences & Disorders (Steinhardt)
Comparative Literature (Arts & Science)
Competition, Innovation & Information Law (Law)
Comprehensive Dentistry (Dentistry)
Computational Biology (Courant)
Computer Engineering (Engineering)
Computer Science (Arts & Science, Courant, Engineering)
Computer Science & Economics (Arts & Science)
Computer Science & Mathematics (Arts & Science)
Conservation of Works of Art & Artifacts (IFA)
Construction Management (Engineering, SPS)
Contemporary Art (IFA)
Continuing Dental Education (Dentistry)
Continuing Education (SPS)
Corporation Law (Law)
Costume Studies & Library Science (Steinhardt)
Costume Studies: Visual Culture (Steinhardt)
Counseling & Guidance (Steinhardt)
Counseling & Guidance: School & Bilingual School Counseling, K-12 (Steinhardt)
Counseling for Mental Health & Wellness (Steinhardt)
Counseling Psychology (Steinhardt)
Creative Writing (Arts & Science)
Creative Writing in Spanish (Arts & Science)
Curatorial & Museum Studies (IFA)
Cybersecurity (Engineering)


Dance (Tisch)
Dance Education (Steinhardt)
Dance in the Professions (Steinhardt)
Dance in the Professions: ABT Ballet Pedagogy (Steinhardt)
Data Science (Arts & Science, Courant)
Dental Hygiene (Dentistry)
Dental Surgery (Dentistry)
Dermatology (Medicine)
Design for Stage & Film (Tisch)
Developmental Psychology (Steinhardt)
Digital Art & Design (Steinhardt)
Digital Communications & Media (SPS)
Digital Humanities (ISAW)
Digital Media Design for Learning (Steinhardt)
Drama (Tisch)
Drama Therapy (Steinhardt)
Dramatic Literature, Theater History, & the Cinema (Arts & Science)
Dramatic Writing (Tisch)


Early Childhood Education (Steinhardt)
Early Christian, Byzantine, & Western Medieval Art (IFA)
East Asian Art (IFA)
East Asian Studies (Arts & Science)
Economics (Stern, Arts & Science)
Economics & Mathematics (Arts & Science)
Education & Jewish Studies (Steinhardt)
Education & Social Policy (Steinhardt)
Educational Communication & Technology (Steinhardt)
Educational Leadership (Steinhardt)
Educational Theatre (Steinhardt)
Electrical Engineering (Engineering)
Emergency Medicine (Medicine)
Endocrine Surgery (Medicine)
Endocrinology (Medicine)
Endodontics (Dentistry)
Engineering (Engineering, Arts & Science)
English (Arts & Science)
English & American Literature (Arts & Science)
English as a Second Language (SPS)
English Education (Steinhardt)
Environmental & Energy Law (Law)
Environmental Conservation Education (Steinhardt)
Environmental Engineering (Engineering)
Environmental Health Sciences (Arts & Science)
Environmental Health Sciences - Ergonomics & Biomechanics (Medicine)
Environmental Medicine (Medicine)
Environmental Science (Engineering)
Environmental Studies (Arts & Science)
Ergonomics (Medicine)
Esthetic Dentistry (Dentistry)
European & Mediterranean Studies (Arts & Science)
European & Mediterranean Studies & Journalism (Arts & Science)


Film & Television (Tisch)
Film Producing (Tisch)
Film Scoring (Steinhardt)
Finance (Stern)
Financial Engineering (Engineering)
Financial Mathematics (Arts & Science)
Fine Arts (Arts & Science)
Food Studies (Steinhardt)
Foreign Language Education (Steinhardt)
Foreign Languages, Translation, & Interpreting (SPS)
Forensic Medicine (Medicine)
French (Arts & Science)
French & Linguistics (Arts & Science)
French Studies (Arts & Science)
French Studies & Journalism (Arts & Science)
Fundraising & Grantmaking (SPS)


Game Design (Tisch)
Games for Learning (Steinhardt)
Gastroenterology (Medicine)
Gender & Sexuality Studies (Arts & Science)
General Internal Medicine & Clinical Innovation (Medicine)
General Surgery (Medicine)
Geriatrics Medicine & Palliative Care (Medicine)
German (Arts & Science)
German & Linguistics (Arts & Science)
German Literature & Culture (Arts & Science)
Germanic Languages & Literatures (Arts & Science)
Global Affairs (SPS)
Global & Urban Education Studies Minor (Steinhardt)
Global Business (Stern)
Global Liberal Studies (Arts & Science)
Global Public Health (GIPH)
Global Visual Art (Steinhardt)
Graphic Communications & Management Technology (SPS)
Greco-Roman World (ISAW)


Health Policy & Management (Wagner)
Healthcare Management (SPS)
Hebrew & Judaic Studies (Arts & Science)
Hebrew & Judaic Studies & Museum Studies (Arts & Science)
Hebrew Language & Literature (Arts & Science)
Hellenic Studies (Arts & Science)
Hematology & Medical Oncology (Medicine)
Higher & Postsecondary Education (Steinhardt)
Historical & Sustainable Architecture (Arts & Science)
History (Arts & Science)
History of Education (Steinhardt)
Hospitality Industry Studies (SPS)
Hospitality, Tourism & Sports Management (SPS)
Human Development & Social Intervention (Steinhardt)
Human Resource Management (SPS)
Humanities (SPS)
Humanities & Performing Arts (SPS)
Humanities & Social Thought (Arts & Science)


Iberian Studies (Arts & Science)
Implant Dentistry (Dentistry)
Individualized Studies (Gallatin)
Industrial Engineering (Engineering)
Infectious Disease & Immunology (Medicine)
Information Systems (Arts & Science, Courant, SPS, Stern)
Integrated Digital Media (Engineering)
Integrated Marketing (SPS)
Interactive Telecommunications (Tisch)
Interdisciplinary Studies (Gallatin, Draper)
International Business Regulation, Litigation & Arbitration (Law)
International Education (Steinhardt)
International Legal Studies (Law)
International Relations (Arts & Science)
International Relations & Journalism (Arts & Science)
International Taxation (Law)
Irish & Irish American Studies (Arts & Science)
Irish Studies (Arts & Science)
Italian & Linguistics (Arts & Science)
Italian Studies (Arts & Science)


Jazz Studies (Steinhardt)
Jewish History & Civilization (Arts & Science)
Journalism (Arts & Science)
Journalism & Religion (Arts & Science)
Juridical Science (Law)


Language & Mind (Arts & Science)
Late Antiquity & Early Middle Ages (ISAW)
Latin American & Caribbean Studies (Arts & Science)
Latin American & Caribbean Studies & Journalism (Arts & Science)
Latin American & Caribbean Studies & Museum Studies (Arts & Science)
Latin American Art (IFA)
Latin American Studies (Arts & Science)
Latino Studies (Arts & Science)
Law (Law)
Law & Business (Law)
Law & Society (Arts & Science)
Leadership & Management Studies (SPS)
Legal Theory (Law)
LGBT Health, Education, & Social Services (Steinhardt)
Liberal Studies (Arts & Science)
Library & Information Science (Arts & Science)
Linguistics (Arts & Science)
Literacy Education (Steinhardt)
Literature in Translation (Arts & Science)
Luso-Brazilian Language & Literature (Arts & Science)


Management (Engineering)
Management & Organizations (Stern)
Management & Systems (SPS)
Management of Technology (Engineering)
Manufacturing Engineering (Engineering)
Marketing (Stern)
Math Education (Steinhardt)
Math Finance (Courant)
Mathematics (Arts & Science, Courant, Engineering)
Mathematics in Finance (Arts & Science)
Mechanical Engineering (Engineering)
Media, Culture, & Communication (Steinhardt)
Media, Culture, & Communication & Library Science (Steinhardt)
Medical Humanities (Medicine)
Medieval & Renaissance Studies (Arts & Science)
Metropolitan Studies (Arts & Science)
Microbiology (Medicine)
Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies (Arts & Science)
Molecular & Cell Biology (Arts & Science)
Moving Image Archive & Preservation (TIsch)
Museum Studies (Arts & Science)
Music (Arts & Science)
Music Business (Steinhardt)
Music Composition (Steinhardt)
Music Education (Steinhardt)
Music Minor (Steinhardt)
Music Technology (Steinhardt)
Music Theatre (Steinhardt)
Music Therapy (Steinhardt)
Musical Theater Writing (Tisch)


Near Eastern Studies (Arts & Science)
Near Eastern Studies & Business (Arts & Science)
Near Eastern Studies & Journalism (Arts & Science)
Nephrology (Medicine)
Neural Science (Arts & Science)
Neurology (Medicine)
Neuromuscular Diseases (Medicine)
Neuroscience & Physiology (Medicine)
Neurosurgery (Medicine)
Nineteenth- & Twentieth-Century Art (IFA)
Nursing (Nursing)
Nutrition & Dietetics (Steinhardt)


Obstetrics & Gynecology (Medicine)
Occupational Therapy (Steinhardt)
Operations (Stern)
Ophthalmology (Medicine)
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (Dentistry, Medicine)
Oral Biology (Dentistry)
Oral Medicine & Orofacial Pain (Dentistry)
Organizational Behavior, Systems & Analytics (Engineering)
Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics (Dentistry)
Orthopedic Surgery (Medicine)
Otolaryngology (Medicine)


Pancreatitis Program (Medicine)
Pathology (Medicine)
Pediatric & Adult Congenital Cardiac Surgery (Medicine)
Pediatric Dentistry (Dentistry)
Pediatric Surgery (Medicine)
Pediatrics (Medicine)
Percussion Studies (Steinhardt)
Performance Studies (Tisch, Arts & Science)
Performing Arts Administration (Steinhardt)
Periodontics (Dentistry)
Philosophy (Arts & Science)
Photography & Imaging (Tisch)
Physical Therapy (Steinhardt)
Physics (Arts & Science)
Physics & Mathematics (Engineering)
Piano Studies (Steinhardt)
Plastic Surgery (Medicine)
Poetics & Theory (Arts & Science)
Politics (Arts & Science)
Population Health (Medicine)
Professional Writing (SPS)
Prosthodontics (Dentistry)
Psychiatry (Medicine)
Psychology (Arts & Science)
Psychology & Social Intervention (Steinhardt)
Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis (Arts & Science)
Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy (Wagner)
Public Policy (Arts & Science, Wagner)
Public Relations & Corporate Communication (SPS)
Publishing: Digital & Print Media (SPS)
Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine (Medicine)


Radiation Oncology (Medicine)
Radiology (Medicine)
Real Estate (SPS)
Real Estate & Construction (SPS)
Real Estate Development (SPS)
Recorded Music (Tisch)
Rehabilitation Medicine (Medicine)
Religious Studies (Arts & Science)
Renaissance Art (IFA)
Rheumatology (Medicine)
Romance Languages (Arts & Science)
Russian & Slavic Studies & Journalism (Arts & Science)
Russian & Slavic Studies (Arts & Science)


Science & Society (Arts & Science)
Science & Technology Studies (Engineering)
Science Education (Steinhardt)
Scientific Computing (Courant, Arts & Science)
Seventeenth- & Eighteenth-Century Art (IFA)
Social & Cultural Analysis (Arts & Science)
Social Sciences (SPS)
Social Studies Education (Steinhardt)
Social Work (Social Work)
Sociology (Arts & Science)
Sociology of Education (Steinhardt)
Songwriting (Steinhardt)
South Asian Studies (Arts & Science)
Spanish (Arts & Science)
Spanish & Linguistics (Arts & Science)
Spanish & Portuguese (Arts & Science)
Special Education (Steinhardt)
Sports Business (SPS)
Statistics (Stern)
String Studies (Steinhardt)
Studio Art (Steinhardt)
Study of the Ancient World (Arts & Science)
Surgical Oncology (Medicine)
Sustainable Urban Environments (Engineering)


Teacher Education Minor (Steinhardt)
Teaching & Learning (Steinhardt)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) (Steinhardt)
Teaching French as a Foreign Language (Arts & Science)
Teaching French as a Foreign Language & TESOL (Steinhardt)
Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language & TESOL (Steinhardt)
Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (Arts & Science)
Thoracic Surgery (Medicine)
Tourism Management (SPS)
Translation (SPS)
Translational Auditory Research (Medicine)
Translational Medicine (Medicine)
Transplant Surgery (Medicine)
Transportation Management (Engineering)
Transportation Planning & Engineering (Engineering)


Urban Design & Architecture Studies (Arts & Science)
Urban Planning (Wagner)
Urban Systems Engineering & Management (Engineering)
Urology (Medicine)


Vascular & Endovascular Surgery (Medicine)
Visual Art Administration (Steinhardt)
Vocal Performance: Classical Voice & Opera Studies (Steinhardt)


Web Programming & Applications (Arts & Science)
Woodwind Studies (Steinhardt)

Faculty Resources

Online Resources

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