Our campus on Saadiyat Island is an integral part of Student Life at NYU Abu Dhabi. Saadiyat means "happiness." Hosting an already vibrant and diverse community of over 1,500 students from more than 115 countries, we look forward to welcoming you. Take a virtual tour of our campus or read on below!

Campus Front

Covering nearly 40 acres, the campus promotes interaction between living and learning, research and teaching, and the disciplines, as well as faculty, students, and staff. The arrangement of offices, the visibility across large areas and between indoors and outdoors, the connections between buildings so that none stand alone, the outdoor gathering spaces, and residential living are among the ways the campus’ design encourages this interaction.

Campus Center


Arts Center

Soccer Field

Student sitting in the outdoors


The Campus Center is the focal point of NYU Abu Dhabi, serving as a gathering point for the community and housing a range of spaces for student life, meeting rooms, lounges, informal study spaces, and restaurants.

Located at the top of Campus Center, the Library is technologically sophisticated, flexible, and modern. It offers spaces for group interaction, individual study, and has a growing number of historic collections in English and Arabic.

The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi, is a multi-purpose complex of theaters and performance venues, rehearsal rooms, film editing studios, classrooms, and workshops.


The Athletics Facilities were designed to support a wide range of sports and fitness options. You can explore over 40 PE classes and take advantage of the competition pool, performance gym, squash and tennis courts, as well as the outdoor track and football fields.


Outdoor seating areas are spread throughout the campus to allow for a true pedestrian experience. Narrow pathways and building structures allow for optimal shading and natural ventilation.


NYUAD-operated restaurants offer made-from-scratch offerings, including global fare, rotating menus, a self-serve salad bar, and made-to-order grilled items. The campus convenience store offers essentials like toiletries, basic grocery items, and something to snack on between classes.