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Technology-Enhanced Education

Faculty Committee on the Future of Technology-Enhanced Education at NYU

Committee Charge

The FTEE Committee advises the Provost’s Office on strategies and policies for technologies that support teaching and learning. This committee is particularly oriented towards future opportunities and challenges for NYU. It works closely with the Instructional Technologists Committee and the Digital Learning User Committee, two other standing committees that deal with present-day issues and concerns around teaching, learning, and technology.

The FTEE Committee:

  • represents faculty interests and concerns in choices and policies that will affect how faculty teach using digital tools
  • represents the interests of different schools in the specification and adoption of platforms for digital learning and analytics
  • promotes experimentation with new tools and approaches in the schools
  • promotes research on the pedagogical benefits of those tools and approaches
  • proposes and recommends means of informing faculty on the availability and use of new tools and approaches
  • proposes and recommends incentive structures and contractual requirements for faculty engaged in new uses of these tools and approaches

2017-2018 Membership

  • Jan Plass (Steinhardt; Administration, Leadership, and Technology), co-chair
  • Clay Shirky (Vice Provost for Educational Technologies / TSOA, ITP; FAS, Journalism; NYUSH), co-chair

  • Mark Alter (T-FSC / Steinhardt, Teaching and Learning) – 3rd year
  • Anthony Appiah (FAS; Philosophy / Law) – 2nd year
  • Tom Augst (Provostial appointee / FAS, English) – 3rd year
  • Andrew Battista (Libraries) – 3rd year
  • Josh Blank (Law) – 3rd year
  • John Burt (NYU Abu Dhabi, Biology) – 3rd year
  • Antonella Cotilleta (SSC/CAS student) – 1st year
  • Elena Cunningham (Dentistry) – 2nd year
  • De Angela Duff (Provostial appointee / Tandon, Technology, Culture, and Society) – 1st year
  • Jonathan Hay (Institute of Fine Arts) – 2nd year
  • Sebastian Heath (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World) – 3rd year
  • Linda Herrmann (Meyers) – 1st year
  • Mitch Joachim (Gallatin) – 3rd year
  • Philip Kain (Liberal Studies) – 1st year
  • Selin Kalaycioglu (Courant / FAS, Mathematics) – 3rd year
  • Nicholas Lanzieri (Silver) – 1st year
  • Russ Neuman (Provostial appointee / Steinhardt, Administration, Leadership, and Technology) – 3rd year
  • Joyce O’Connor (College of Global Public Health) – 3rd year
  • Antonios Saravanos (SPS, McGhee) – 2nd year
  • Dan Shiffman (TSOA, ITP) – 2nd year
  • Andrew Sinclair (Wagner) – 3rd year
  • Kristen Sosulski (Stern, Information Systems) – 3rd year
  • Victoria Steeves (C-FSC/Libraries) - 1st year
  • Marc Triola (Medicine) – 3rd year
  • Peter Voltz (Tandon) – 2nd year

Ex officio:

  • David Ackerman (NYU IT)
  • Janet Alperstein (Global Programs)
  • Jason Korenkiewicz (NYU IT)
  • Ben Maddox (NYU IT)
  • Len Peters (NYU IT)
  • Ryan Poynter (Provost’s Office)
  • Brendon Troy (Enrollment Management)