NYU 2031

In 2007, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees requested that the University administration submit a document or framework that describes the major issues, concerns, and opportunities facing NYU in the coming decades as it approaches the University's bicentennial in 2031.

As a start, the University's senior administration engaged in a review of existing reports and studies that addressed the key issues, ambitions, and priorities of the University; prepared a draft document; and had fruitful discussions and input on early drafts from University leaders and two University-wide committees — a special Senate ad hoc Committee, and the Provost's Faculty Advisory Committee on Academic Priorities.

The Framework, which focuses on academics, NYU's global initiatives, NYU in New York City, and sustainability reflects NYU's recent past, identifies the challenges and constraints the University will confront in its continuing efforts to advance in quality and stature, and provides guidelines to advise us in making choices going forward.

The University invited the entire NYU community to read and react to the discussion draft that was made available on January 25, 2008 for a six-week special "notice and comment" period. Individuals or groups were invited to submit comments, questions, and recommendations — either by attribution or anonymously. In addition, discussions about the Framework were organized within schools, administrative offices and units, the University Senate Councils, Alumni Association board, and other groups, which were very helpful in gauging community sentiment and obtaining suggestions for ways to improve the document.

Over 230 comments were received via the special website established for this purpose. All comments were transmitted in their entirety to the Board of Trustees Executive Committee, along with the proposed final version of the Framework. On April 18, 2008, the Board Executive Committee made a few suggested changes and approved the document for submission to the full Board of Trustees for final approval. The full Board approved the document at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 24, 2008.