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NYU Leadership Fellows

Explore, Empower and Build Leadership at NYU


We believe that leadership is more than a formal title.

Leadership requires working effectively with others to create a shared vision, build commitment and take action to produce results that make a difference.

Explore and Build Leadership

The NYU Leadership Fellows is a yearlong pilot program that equips undergraduate students with knowledge and skills to expand their potential and capacity to work ethically, inclusively and collaborative with others on a common purpose.

Fellows represent nine NYU schools and programs and demonstrate that leadership happens in diverse ways – moving group projects forward in class or at work; taking a stand for justice; encouraging dialogue across differences; participating in team sports; mentoring and being an ally to other students; serving as resident assistants, ambassadors, Welcome Week or cohort leaders; and serving in formal leadership roles in student clubs or student government.

The Fellows will:

  • Explore frameworks for ethical and inclusive leadership;
  • Build a strong community of peers across the University who learn from each other’s experiences and share best practices;
  • Apply leadership skills, including active listening and collaboration, to work on a team challenge;
  • Establish and advance personal leadership goals;
  • Develop a reflective practice for continuous learning; and
  • Collaborate with the NYU Leadership Initiative to expand leadership learning and skill building to other students across NYU.
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