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Invent the Future

Invent the Future is part of the NYU Leadership Initiative’s effort to catalyze a university-wide conversation about leadership development. Our long-range goal is to prepare students for ethical and inclusive leadership that has a profound global impact while advancing knowledge for the leadership studies and development field. Invent the Future is a three-part event that kicks off on April 8th, 2014.  

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Online Jam

April 8, 2014 (Registration opens March 31, 2014)


Join a groundbreaking moderated online conversation open to the entire NYU community to explore how students develop key capacities for ethical, inclusive leadership in a complex world, and how NYU can support this growth. The conversation will be moderated by over 20 members of the global NYU community. Drop in anytime!

Jam open April 8 from 1pm to 11pm EST in New York (Abu Dhabi: 9pm April 8 to 7am April 9 / Shanghai: 1am to 11am April 9).


What is a Jam?

A Jam is an online, typed, guided conversation – an asynchronous discussion, which allows people to come and go as their schedules permit. The conversations will be moderated by members of the NYU Community. There will be regular summaries posted throughout the Jam to help people catch up and dive into discussions in progress.

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April 8-9, 2014


Post your original or borrowed* visual interpretation of ethical, inclusive leadership to create a digital mural.

*Source must be provided for borrowed images.

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Concept Challenge

April 10-16, 2014


Step up and submit your idea for an activity, program, event or strategy to develop ethical and inclusive leadership capacities in NYU students. Win funding to develop your concept and explore feasibility at NYU.


Congratulations to the Winners of the Concept Challenge!


Stern GO LEAD by the Stern Office of Student Engagement

Stern GO LEAD (Glocal Opportunities for Leadership, Ethics, Advocacy and Diversity) is a comprehensive longitudinal, ethical and inclusive leadership development program for students serving NYU’s diverse global and local (“glocal”) communities.


Global Leadership by Carolynn Choi

This proposal will develop global dialogues for NYU students who are studying abroad. Students will be able to share their personal stories of leadership and to discuss issues in leadership development. The program will also allow students to utilize their leadership skills to improve their respective study abroad locations.


Student Athlete Transition Coach Program by Meg Nieslanik, Academic Affairs/NYU Athletics

The Transition Coach Program will cultivate emerging student-athlete leaders by providing them with opportunities to guide their peers as they transition into the NYU Varsity Community.


Performance Installation Series by Jessica Harris

A series of five installation performances around campus will communicate different concepts within leadership through new mediums. These installation performances will be immersive environments that give audiences a new experience for thinking about leadership.

Thank you to our partners, Knowledge in the Public Interest, for their support and cooperation on this event.

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