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Success Stories

NYU researchers and scientists are creating breakthrough discoveries and technologies the marketplace wants—in diagnostics and healing, drug discovery, computing, social networking and more. Recent years have seen an outpouring:

  • A pioneering approach to improving computer memory.
  • An innovative stent to treat brain aneurysms.
  • A device that speeds the treatment of traumatic brain injuries.
  • A molecular sensor that diagnoses disease and may help in agriculture.
  • A new way for law enforcement to recover corrupted data.

Over the past decade, the pace of invention at NYU has more than doubled in number each year and licensing agreements have tripled, earning NYU $1.3 billion to further its research efforts. Dozens of products have been commercialized, and more than 100 startups have been launched to bring NYU innovations to market. These activities, and others, have attracted millions of dollars from venture capitalists, the federal government, the and the State of New York; produced new ventures, licenses and patents, and led to acquisitions by large corporations.

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