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NYU Protoyping Fund

Providing students with the encouragement, resources, and tools you need to bring your ideas to life.


The NYU Prototyping Fund is a collaborative program offered by the Greenhouse at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute. Students are eligible to receive up to $500 in funding to be used to build a hardware or software prototype. These prototypes should help you articulate and test your assumptions and move to the next stage of product development.


Prototyping Fund

Who is this for?

The Prototyping Fund is for students who are passionate about building new products and have an idea for an innovative hardware or software technology.

  • Funds must be used for tools and materials to build the prototype (not to pay someone else to build it for you)
  • All NYU students (undergrad and grad) are eligible to apply
  • Teams will be given preference (individual applicants will be considered)
  • Multi-school collaborations will be given preference
  • All teams must have at least one NYU or NYU-Tandon student, but may also included members from outside the University as well



How will the funds be distributed?

  • Awards will be granted twice per year (Fall and Spring semesters)
  • ~8 – 12 teams will receive awards each semester
  • Applicants can apply for up to $500 in prototyping funds
  • All funds will be distributed as a reimbursement for your expenses (when you provide a receipt)



What are the selection criteria?

  • Clarity of vision about what you'll do with the funds
  • Understanding of why you need a prototype and what it will help you achieve


Resources and Events

Workshop: A prototyping workshop with hardware and software experts from the community will be offered at the start of each semester

Equipment: Teams will be responsible for accessing the resources needed to build prototypes, but will be given access to key partners who can provide access to equipment and tools

Showcase: All funded projects will participate in an event at the end of the semester to showcase your prototypes. We’ll ask each team to reflect on:

  • What you learned by building testing your prototypes
  • What you would do next if you were to continue working on the project


Key Dates - Fall 2015 Awards

Oct 2nd: Applications Due

Oct 9th: Award announcements made

Oct 15th: Prototyping Workshop

Dec 4th: Project Showcase event


Selection Committee

Prototyping Fund Awardees – Spring 2015


- Cyber Chess: an educational and strategic board game that will educate users in cyber security. John Pak, Engineering; Saboor Zahir, Engineering; Jatinder Singh, Engineering

- Green Hearing Aid: a hearing aid that uses thermoelectric technologies to aid in its use by harnessing heat energy generated from the users head. Cole Mahlowitz, Steinhardt

- Helping Hand: an at-home stroke rehabilitation device that is an effective therapy tool that feels like a game. Vanessa Mahoney, CAS; Stephen Veitch, CAS; Kenny Brock, SOM

- Intellicount: a proprietary RFID based system that allows for the accountability of surgical tools during any surgical procedure in order to prevent loss in the human body. Manavjeet Sidhu, Stern/SOM; Marcus Cimino, Stern/SOM

- MMMUO: an electronic device that translates body-movement into sound. Diana Castro, Engineering; Javier Molina, Engineering

- MRI Gradient Field Mapping: a device to help identify when gradient coils in an MRI begin to lag due to induced charges during fast-switching operations. Aye Maung, Engineering; John Bayer, Engineering; Boby Hon, Engineering; Eugene Goncharov, Engineering

- Myco-wearable Device: a wearable garment that monitors and tracks biometric data through perspiration. Binh Dang, Tisch (ITP); Javier Molina, Engineering

- Olympica: A web app that allow sports and hobby enthusiasts to connect and arrange matches with other enthusiasts in their same location. Maximo Sica, Tisch (ITP); Rodrigo Derteano, Tisch (ITP)

- SayCell Emergency Network: a quickly deployable cellular network to be used after disasters or in rural regions where there is no cellular network coverage. Edwin Reed-Sanchez, Tisch (ITP); Benjamin Cramer, Gallatin

- Sea Wave Technology: a device that generates electricity from sea waves, providing a cleaner, safer and more economical method of producing electricity. Gowtham Kumar Neerukonda, Engineering; Sampath Rallapalli,

- Wheels Up: a portable low-cost mechanism enabling those in wheelchairs to autonomously climb any combination of steps approx. 2” to 24” in height. Amanda Gelb, Tisch (ITP); Turki Khalid Aljuhani, Steinhardt; Amanda Parker, Steinhardt; Szu-Wei Chen, CAS


Prototyping Fund Awardees – Fall 2014


 - Fine Motor Tech: Salem Al-Mansoori (ITP); Diana Freed (ITP); Michelle Penso (Steinhardt); Michael Ricca (ITP)

 - Songee Hahn (ITP); Dalit Shalon (ITP); Abhishek Singh (ITP)

 - HydrOne: Maryam Allehbi (Stern); Charlotte Baranne (Stern); Anmar El-Khalil (Stern); Crystal Butler (Courant)

 - InVisix: Alexander Dillon (Med); Anmar El-Khalil (Stern)

 - Lovoy: Luna Chen (ITP); Robert Lee (Stern); Roger Oliveira (Engineering); Xiaoyi Yuan (CAS)

 - MRI-Compatible Spirometer: Li Feng (Med); Andrew Lynch (Engineering)

 - Neuromuscular Rehab Biosensor: John Henry (Engineering); Jay Kumar (Engineering); Khanak Nangia (Engineering);       Gabe Peyser (Stern)

 - Nikola: Daniel Basner (CAS); Robert Gardner (CAS); Adam Jackrel (CAS)

 - Sensory Soles: Claire Bradley (Stern); Ayanna Seals (Engineering); Ting-yun Yeh (Stern)

 - Yorrick: Marcus Cimino (Med); Manavjeet Sidhu (Med, Stern)


Prototyping Fund Awardees – Spring 2014


 - Beacon: Rucha Patwardhan (ITP); Amelia Winger-Bearskin (ITP)

 - Cognitive ToyBox: Shung Huang (Stern); Lindsey Jones (Stern); Tammy Kwan (Stern); Tianyu Wu (ITP)

 - Flavored Water Purification Drops: Ruchi Hazaray (Wagner); Allison Whaley (Stern); Yuan Wang (Tandon)

 - Flow: Claudia Paz (Wagner); Zhenzhen Qi (ITP); Yang Wang (ITP)

 - GreenFeet: Achintya Ashok (Tandon; Hubert Kim (Tandon; Rahad Miah (Tandon); Michael Richmond (Tandon)

 - Hacker’s Kitchen: Aditya Brahmabhatt (Tandon); Rafael Carabano (Tandon); Roberto Loria (Tandon); Shuhui Sun (Tandon); Yuan Wang (Tandon)

 - Kittiebots: Maria Paula Saba dos Reis (ITP)

 - Orb Solar Technology: Itamar Lilienthal (Steinhardt); Grayson Zulauf

 - OT/PT Tech: Diana Freed (ITP); Claire Kearney-Volpe (ITP); MIchelle Penso (Steinhardt); Nikki Zeichner (Tandon)

 - Smart Lock G2: Kwok Ben Mak (Tandon); Arthur Popovich (Tandon); Zhuo Ying Wu (Tandon)

 - Soil for Air: Erika Maher (ITP)

 - Specimen Compression Device: Stephanie Blank (SOM); Gizelka David-West (SOM); Patrick Flynn; Jeffery Laut (Tandon)

 - Tibia Femur Research: Yang-Ting Lee (Tandon)


Prototyping Fund Awardees – Fall 2013


  - Artificial Bone Substitute: Miriam Chaudhary, Tandon; Michael Lowry, SOM; Peter Walker, SOM

  - Heat Nomad: Fiona Chen, Tandon; Fatima Khalid, Tandon; Michael Richmond, Tandon; Cotter de Zabala, Tandon

  - Interactive Chessboard: Aankit Patel, Tisch (ITP)

  - Lifeline Drones: Michael Mathieu, Courant; Pilar Zaragoza, Tisch (ITP)

  - Mobile Fiber Optic Loop Sensor: Kevin Chen, Tandon

  - Physical Equalizer: Anne-Marie Lavigne, Tisch (ITP)

  - Portable Air Supply: Patrick Gumusoglu, Tandon; Patrick Nave, Tandon

  - Resistance-Generating Clothing: Vanessa Charubhumi, SOM; Jenny Chen, SOM; Ryan Grattan, SOM; Franklin Yao, SOM -

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