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Submit Venture Profile

If you’re a NYU student, researcher or faculty member with a project you’d like the NYU Innovation Venture Fund to consider for investment, please see our investment criteria. Then submit a profile of your venture by completing the form and we will contact you.

Keep in mind this is intended to provide a preliminary overview of your venture concept.  An investment decision will not be made based solely upon the content of your profile; rather we are simply making a preliminary assessment of the potential of your project.  Don’t worry if you have not fully researched or considered all the questions laid out below – we expect you may only have preliminary views on many of these questions at this point – we can help connect you with resources to help refine the details of your business plan.

New Venture Concept

  • What existing problem/condition does your solution address and how is it addressed today/what is the standard of care?
  • Describe how this technology will be applied to create a product or service?
  • What makes your product/service unique and why might customers/patients buy or use it?
  • Who are the potential users/customers for this and how big is the market opportunity?

Technology and Intellectual Property (IP)

  • What is the technology at the core of this venture?
  • What is the background of the invention/discovery and who are the principal investigators/developers?
  • What supporting data/evidence do you have that your invention/discovery works as claimed?
  • What IP protection exists (provisional patents, patents, copyright, know-how, trade secrets, etc.) if any?

Business Model

  • What are the potential sources of revenue for your venture (what is your business model) and which do you intend to pursue first?
  • How can you scale this into a large business (what is your sales & marketing strategy)?

Competitive Analysis

  • Who/what are the existing and potential competitive alternatives to your solution?
  • What is your sustainable competitive advantage/barriers to entry?

Regulatory Pathways (if applicable)

  • Describe the potential regulatory pathways (510K, PMA, OTC product, etc.) and any predicate devices if applicable.
  • Outline key clinical studies required to get regulatory approval.

Management Team

  • What are the current team's qualifications for executing your plan?
  • What are the key skills and areas of expertise you need to add to the team?
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