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Fondu is a fun, easy way to share bite-size restaurant reviews with your friends for the iPhone. It's free and perfect whether you're telling your friends what your favorite spots are, recommending what dishes to order, or seeing what a friend thought of a place. Fondu is co-founded by Gauri Manglik (NYU '10), Orion Burt (NYU '12) and Mike Lewis (RIT '08) and first started out of Lawrence Lenihan's "Ready, Fire!, Aim" class at NYU. Fondu's investors include ENIAC Ventures, Jim Pallotta, Zach Arons, Harbor Road Ventures, the NYU Innovation Venture Fund, among others. (Acquired by AirBnB.)

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numberFire is the next generation of sports analytics, combining proprietary metrics to better assess historical player and team performance with groundbreaking algorithmics to project future efficacy. Co-founders Nik Bonaddio met Sean Weinstock, an NYU Law student, met when Nik brought an early iteration of numberFire to InSITE, a group that combines NYU and Columbia JD and MBA students to advise entrepreneurs on their venture pitches. Together, the two made the project into a company, participating in the ER Accelerator program. numberFire's investors include RRE, David Tisch's Box Group, Penny Black, and the NYU Innovation Venture Fund, among others. (Acquired by FanDuel)

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Tagasauris provides a game-changing approach to metadata creation. The Tagasauris platform combines human and machine intelligence to boost ROI, quality, and speed, leading to new opportunities for engagement. Tagasauris is the result of a collaboration between NYU Stern Professor Panos Ipeirotis (Chief Scientist) and vetern entrepreneur Todd Carter (CEO). Tagasauris' investors included Mike Priest and the NYU Innovation Venture Fund, among others.

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Vengo builds and operates small, cloud-based vending machines that combine interactive digital media with point-of-purchase. The impulse purchase at the grocery checkout line is down by 1/3 and brands are seeking new platforms to interact and engage with consumers. Vengo creates retail in new locations through a direct, interactive sales and media channel. Further, Vengo leverages this platform to provide brands the data and information to help drive informed decisions.

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TB Biosciences

TB Biosciences is creating the world’s first point-of-care (POC) tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic test to meet criteria set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO). TB Biosciences’ preliminary performance data meets all WHO specifications and demonstrates sensitivity greater than 90%. This rapid, accurate, and affordable test is based on 20 years of research under the scientific leadership of NYU Professor Suman Laal. Dr. Laal and her team have joined diagnostic expert and serial entrepreneur Dr. Sam Niedbala to commercialize the test. TB Biosciences investors include Originate Ventures, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and NYU Innovation Venture Fund.

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Orca Pharmaceuticals is developing an oral therapeutic agent to treat autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis by targeting the RORγt receptor. The company, located in Oxford UK, is based on technology developed by Dr. Dan Littman from New York University, the first scientist to highlight the essential role of RORγt in autoimmune disease. The startup was formed in collaboration with founders Dr. Michael Hunter and Dr. Roy Pettipher, the heads of Discovery and Pharmacology of Oxagen Ltd. Orca Pharmaceuticals investors include BioMotiv, a Cleveland, Ohio based therapeutics accelerator affiliated with The Harrington Project, and the NYU Innovation Venture Fund.

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BioDigital has developed the BioDigital Human, a platform that reveals the body in interactive 3D. BioDigital Human enables users to explore anatomy and disease, create and share custom views, and learn about personal health. NYU has helped the company pilot the technology at its medical school. Investors include FirstMark Capital and the NYU Innovation Venture Fund at New York University. 

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Transparent Healthcare

Price opacity in healthcare has led to an inefficient market in the U.S. The cost of care can vary widely for the same procedure from physician to physician and hospital to hospital.  Compared to the insured, the uninsured—those who can least afford it—often pay 2-3 times more for any given medical service, as they do not have the negotiating power enjoyed by large insurance groups. Transparent Healthcare brings the cost containment strategies of the insurance industry to the uninsured and those who pay cash, providing customers access to affordable healthcare and transparent pricing.  

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Keen Logo

Keen Home is developing a family of proactive devices that enhances the core functions of the home. The company’s first product is an innovative cloud-connected smart vent that enhances the comfort of customers’ home heating and cooling system, while actively reducing its costs and energy consumption. Co-founders Ryan Fant and Nayeem Hussain met each other while pursuing their MBAs at NYU Stern. They launched Keen out of the 2012-13 $200K NYU Entrepreneur’s Challenge. Keen's investors include RMR Capital, TechStars Bullet Time Ventures, R/GA Ventures, the NYU Innovation Venture Fund, among others.

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Framed Data is a Data Science as a Service platform that helps companies understand their users and improve their business. Rather than focusing on usage analytics, Framed provides predictive machine learning products to identify potential high-value users before they buy and high-risk users before they actually churn. Co-founder and CEO Thomson Nguyen is a visiting scholar at Courant. Framed's investors include Innovation Works, Initialized Capital, Google Ventures, the NYU Innovation Venture Fund, among others.

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Clarifai develops state of the art visual recognition technology for recognizing objects, people, and themes in photos and videos. Utilizing proprietary artificial intelligence techniques, the Company’s products enable users of varying technical proficiency to quickly classify large amounts of photo and video data with record-beating accuracy. Founder and CEO Matt Zeiler received a PhD in Deep Learning from Courant in 2013. Clarifai's investors include Union Squares Ventures, Google Ventures, the NYU Innovation Venture Fund, among others.

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Brooklinen is a direct-to-consumer home goods brand that appeals to the millennial consumer. Working directly with manufacturers, the Company bypasses licensing fees, wholesaler markups, and retailer overhead that would otherwise be passed to consumers. Brooklinen launched its original $99 luxury bed sheets on Kickstarter in May 2014, raising over $237,000 in pre-sales. Founder and CEO Richard Fulop received a BA and a MBA from Stern in 2007 and 2014.

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Kinvolved provides a turnkey communications solution for schools to implement proven best practices that Improve academic outcomes. The Company develops web and mobile solutions for teachers to manage student attendance, identify at-risk students, and facilitate parental intervention as needed. Kinvolved was founded by Miriam Altman and Alexandra Meis, who each received a MPA from NYU Wagner in 2013.

NYU Entrepreneur

  • Miriam Altman
    (Wagner MPA '13)
    Co-founder & Chief Business Officer
  • Alexandra Meis
    (Wagner MPA '13)
    Co-founder & Chief Product Officer


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Click here to discover the resources NYU has curated to guide you through the entrepreneurship path.
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