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By offering a range of academic classes and extracurricular programs, NYU educates its students, faculty, and researchers about startup best practices, arming them with the skills and tools they need to turn their ideas and research into a commercially viable venture.



NYU Entrepreneurs Handbook

NYU’s Entrepreneur Handbook is an a-to-z guide for navigating and connecting with the myriad resources at NYU (and in NYC) to help you get your startup off the ground.  Check out our new 2013-2014 Handbook now!

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NYU Scientists Guide to Startups

The Scientists Guide is a quick reference tool for all NYU faculty, researchers and graduate students interested in starting a company based on their inventions. The guide is focused specifically on companies formed to commercialize one or more related inventions made at NYU and protected via intellectual property rights (e.g., patent or copyright) through NYU. The Guide provides a high-level overview of the startup process, intellectual property basics, working with the Office of Industrial Liaison (OIL), startup licensing, and the growing NYU ecosystem and resources available to support technology commercialization and startup formation. 

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NYU Scientist's Guide to Startups

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Lean Launchpad Educators Program

The National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA), in partnership with serial entrepreneur and Stanford/Berkeley faculty member Steve Blank, have developed the the Lean LaunchPad (LLP) Educators Program. Building on the Lean Launchpad class that Steve has taught at Stanford, Berkeley and Columbia, the Program challenges conventional approaches to teaching entrepreneurship with a more experiential model. The LLP emphasizes immersive learning about what it takes to successfully transfer knowledge into products in the marketplace. Participating faculty attend an intensive program for training in entrepreneurship and lean startup methodologies.

As big believers in this program, the NYUEI offers $15k grants to up to two multi-disciplinary teams of faculty per year to fund their participation in the program, and to support the development of multi‐disciplinary entrepreneurship classes.  To learn more about this grant opportunity, sign up for the faculty entrepreneurs google group by emailing

Learn more about the Lean Launchpad Educators program

Startup Bootcamps

NYU Startup Bootcamps are a new set of extra-curricular educational initiatives organized by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and OIL to expose our faculty, graduate students, and researchers to the basic activities of commercializing research via a startup venture. Bootcamps consist of a series of seminars and networking events, with each session including a featured speaker and topic in the technology commercialization process.

Learn more and see the schedule of upcoming Bootcamps here

Entrepreneurship Classes & Faculty

Faculty: NYU faculty are engaged in cutting-edge entrepreneurship research and practice, in emerging and established industries. Throughout NYU, students can find clinical, adjunct, and tenured professors, and executives-in-residence offering foundational and advanced graduate courses in entrepreneurship.

Classes: Whether you are an entrepreneurial-minded researcher, scientist, technologist or future business leader, NYU courses cover entrepreneurship for students seeking introductory or advanced classes, at the graduate and undergraduate levels.  Please consult Albert or your school’s registrar for classes currently being offered. Students are eligible for enrollment in several of these courses, even if they are not offered in their particular NYU school, through cross-registration. Consult your school for more details.

For a partial list of full-time faculty engaged in teaching and research related to entrepreneurship, and for a list of entrepreneurship classes, please visit our website.

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Click here to discover the resources NYU has curated to guide you through the entrepreneurship path.


Click here to discover the resources NYU has curated to guide you through the entrepreneurship path.
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