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In an effort to help NYU entrepreneurs succeed in the very early and challenging stages of their ventures, NYU offers programs and resources that identifies the most promising projects and teams and helps them accelerate through the initial phases of launching their startup.




Venture Fellows

The NYU Venture Fellows program is a semester-long program for faculty and researchers to help them turn their research into commercially viable ventures. Participating teams will attend a workshop and regular office hours to teach them the basics of business model development, and will be supported by mentors from the startup community. Each team must include at least one undergrad or graduate student or post-doc. Applicants must commit 4 hours per week to meet with the team, work on deliverables and attend events.

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NYU Summer Launchpad

The NYU Summer Launchpad program offers graduating NYU student teams funding, workshops, speaker series, and mentorship to ground entrepreneurs in lean startup principles while simultaneously connecting them with leaders in the local startup ecosystem. During this 10-week summer accelerator program, student teams focus on growing their startups, taking up co-working space at the NYU Varick Street incubator in Soho. In the program’s first year, over 100 applications were received for the 10 team spots. 

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Innovation Lab

Invent. Protect. Commercialize. Repeat. The Innovation Lab is where serial innovators learn to create and rapidly refine their "big ideas” into commercially viable innovations, realize the value of their ideas and how to acquire the skills to protect them, and license and sell their ideas to industry. This 10-week workshop is offered each semester by the NYU Stern Berkley Center. Absolutely no prior business or technical experience required or preferred. All NYU students, alumni, faculty and staff are invited to apply.

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Innovation Corps (I-Corps)

The National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program seeks to train academic researchers to become entrepreneurs and translate scientific and engineering discoveries into economically viable products and startups. It is a seven-week program available to researchers that have an active NSF award, or one that has been active within the last five years. Participating teams will receive a $50,000 grant to develop commercial applications for their technology.

To learn more, please visit the National Science Foundation or email the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute team to set up a meeting.

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What is I-Corps?




NYU Entrepreneur $200K Challenge

Now may be the perfect time to finally get that idea you’ve been kicking around off the ground. The NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge is the premier platform for identifying, nurturing and showcasing entrepreneurial talent at NYU. Enter one of the three competitions that offer a total purse of $200,000 in cash prizes and pro-bono services.

At stake in these three competitions (described below) is a combined $200,000 in startup money. In addition to the cash, you’ll receive training, assistance and individualized coaching from experienced entrepreneurs, investors and executives. Plus, you’ll learn critical startup skills such as how to build a solid business model, determine the right product/market fit, create a sound financial plan, pitch investors, and assemble and lead a winning team of founders.

The Entrepreneurs Challenge runs from September-May of each academic year. During this 8-month program, participants benefit from team-building initiatives, entrepreneurial workshops, bootcamps, and coaching as they develop their venture ideas.

Join us and learn more at the Kickoff Event, on Wed. September 25, 2013 at 5:00pm.

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NYU Stern Social Impact Business Challenge

Undergraduate students from across NYU team up to compete for up to $20,000 in the Stern Social Impact Business Challenge and develop innovative solutions to meeting critical issues facing society. This program is sponsored jointly by Stern’s Business and Society Program Area, the Berkley Center and the Poses Family Foundation. 

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NYU Reynolds Changemaker Challenge (CmC)

The CmC invites all NYU undergraduate students who want to change the world to compete for one of ten $1,000 seed grants and a Grand Prize of up to $10,000. Ventures can be any student-created, student-led organization, program or business that benefits the community and has a measurable positive social impact. For profit, non-profit and hybrid ventures are eligible.

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Inno/Vention Competition

The NYU-Poly Inno/Vention competition is an opportunity for students to develop their own inventions and innovations. This unique competition allows students from NYU-Poly and students across all of NYU’s global campuses, to showcase their talents and creativity and to present to investors and representatives of some of the most influential names in business, science and engineering. Students can enter the competition alone or in a team of two or three. All teams must have a minimum of one NYU-Poly student.

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Albert Gallatin Founder’s Fund

The Albert Gallatin Founder’s Fund (AGFF) is NYU’s first global, student-run venture program hosted by the Gallatin Business Club (GBC). The goal of the program is to empower the next generation of promising student entrepreneurs from around the Global Network University, while also creating an educational environment for those with little to no startup experience. We do this by providing students with access to a number of resources such as $1,000 seed grants, access to educational workshops, mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and the chance to receive $10,000 in funding (non-equity).

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Events and Resources

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Venture Mentor Network

The NYU Venture Mentoring Network is provided by the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the NYU Stern School of Business. NYU entrepreneurs are matched with mentors from the impressive NYU alumni base and a network of recognized leaders in venture capital, technology innovation, law and finance fields in NYC. Mentors will share their skills and experience to identify target markets and steer fledgling founders through risk-taking and failure. These role models will help smooth the path forward with constructive criticism, realistic assessments and advocacy. Through hands-on mentoring, entrepreneurs learn how to perfect their products and services, identify markets, build business organizations, and seek funding. All entrepreneurs committed to building an external venture, whatever their stage of development, are welcome to apply.

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Help Desks

Berkley Center Help Desks are staffed by seasoned professionals and subject matter experts ready to answer your vexing startup questions. Come in and talk to a legal, accounting, venture financing or sales and marketing pro. Common areas of assistance include intellectual property, corporate structure, investor agreements, financial projections, branding and positioning, pricing, and social media marketing, to name a few. Just be sure to make an appointment before you visit.

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Book a meeting with a founder or senior executive of a successful entrepreneurial venture. The EIR program exists to support the growing number of early-stage technology and science startups at NYU. Successful entrepreneurs are here to meet with NYU students, researchers, faculty, and alumni of ventures at any stage. You should have a concrete venture concept, though it need not be incorporated yet. Find out more about NYU EIRs including their bios and areas of expertise, how to schedule a time and prepare your profile.

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Founders Forum

Founders Forum enables student and faculty entrepreneurs to share ideas early and receive feedback from investors and the broader entrepreneurial community. Six startups deliver a 3-minute pitch to a panel of VCs and angel investors, who provide immediate feedback and ask questions. Guest entrepreneurs give a short introductory talk on their startup experience.

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Startup Sounding Boards

Whether you have an idea scrawled on the back of a napkin or a business that’s already cash-flowing, Berkley Center Sounding Boards provide an oft-needed reality (or in some cases, sanity) check for early-stage entrepreneurs. Working closely and confidentially with you, these venture catalysts will help you identify the potential opportunities and pitfalls associated with your venture idea. In a tough but supportive environment, they will help you set and meet milestones that move your concept forward. They’ve also been known to hand out frequent pats on the back and the occasional shoulder to cry on. Often a “first stop” for those seeking assistance from the Berkley Center, make a Sounding Board appointment today.

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Click here to discover the resources NYU has curated to guide you through the entrepreneurship path.


Click here to discover the resources NYU has curated to guide you through the entrepreneurship path.
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