Weapons, Simulated Weapons, and Theatrical Use of Weapons

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Purpose of this Policy

New York University (“NYU”) is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for the NYU Community and its guests. In support of this commitment this policy sets forth the rules and guidelines governing the possession and use of Weapons.

Scope of this Policy

This policy applies to all members of the University Community, as defined below. It also applies to any person on NYU property, in an NYU facility, or at an NYU-sponsored activity.

Procedures for Implementation

A. The possession of any Weapon or Simulated Weapon has the potential of creating a dangerous situation for the bearer and others and therefore is prohibited as set forth in this policy.

B. NYU prohibits the possession of any Weapon and, except as set forth below in “D”, any Simulated Weapon, (i) in and/or around the NYU campus, including any and all NYU facilities (whether academic, residential, or other facilities), and this prohibition extends to all NYU property, whether owned, leased, or controlled by NYU, regardless of whether the bearer or possessor is licensed to carry that Weapon and (ii) at any NYU-sponsored activity, whether on-campus or off-campus.

C. The prohibition on Weapons and Simulated Weapons does not apply to law enforcement personnel who are legally permitted to carry a Weapon on campus. A law enforcement officer bringing a Weapon onto NYU premises, including a Global Network University site, must carry valid identification that establishes the person’s law enforcement status.

D. The prohibition on Simulated Weapons does not apply to instances in which all of the following requirements are satisfied:

1. The bearer of the Simulated Weapon has written permission from a dean, associate dean, assistant dean, or department head to possess the Simulated Weapon and the bearer has a copy of that written permission on his or her person at all times while in possession of the Simulated Weapon.

2. Such possession or use of a Simulated Weapon is directly connected to an NYU or school, college, institute, or Global Network University site related event (e.g., play, film production).

3. The approved Simulated Weapon may be used only during the time and in the manner specified in the written approval.

4. Whenever an approved Simulated Weapon is transported from one location to another, including within the same building, it must be placed in a secure container in such a manner that it cannot be observed.

5. The individual to whom written permission has been granted to possess a Simulated Weapon must maintain custody of the Simulated Weapon at all times and may not transfer custody of the Simulated Weapon to any person not specified in the written permission. The individual to whom permission has been granted to possess a Simulated Weapon may not drink alcoholic beverages or engage in any reckless behavior while in possession of the Simulated Weapon.

6. When not in use for the approved NYU or school related event, the Simulated Weapon must be stored securely in a location approved by the Vice President for Global Security and Crisis Management. Under no circumstances may a Simulated Weapon be stored in any NYU owned, leased, or controlled facilities other than an approved safety storage area.

7. If for any reason it is not possible for an individual in authorized possession of a Simulated Weapon to return the item to an approved safety storage area after authorized use, the Simulated Weapon should be brought for temporary safe storage to the Department of Public Safety (at 7 Washington Place in the case of Manhattan).

8. There is no exception to the prohibition of having a Simulated Weapon in an NYU residential facility at any time and for any purpose.

9. Under no circumstances may a student bring his or her own Simulated Weapon to campus. Students are limited to using Simulated Weapons supplied by their schools, colleges, institutes, or Global Network University site, or rented from a University-approved licensed third-party supplier of theatrical Simulated Weapons.

  1. Dates of official enactment and amendments: Aug 9, 2016
  2. History: Supersedes Policy on Theatrical Use of Simulated Firearms and Other Weapons; Weapons Policy and Simulated Firearm Policy
  3. Cross References: blank