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Time-Keeping for University Closure Due to Weather or Other Emergency

Scope of this Policy

In the event that the University officially closes due to a weather emergency or other emergency, the policy to record attendance for the date of closure is:

  • All non-exempt employees (i.e., clerical, technical, etc.) should be marked "Excused" for the full day on their timesheets or timereports.
  • Non-exempt employees who had a scheduled vacation or personal day should be marked "Excused" for the full day and should not be charged vacation or personal time.
  • Non-exempt employees that were unaware of the University's closing, and reported for work must be paid as follows in addition to the "Excused" time pay:
    -- Regular Rate Overtime: Worked hours up to their standard weekly full-time hours
    -- 1.5 Regular Rate Overtime: Worked hours in excess of their standard weekly full-time hours.
  • Exempt employees (i.e., administrators, managers, etc.) not recording time on timesheets/timereports should not have the day deducted from their vacation day accrual or personal days.
  • Exempt employees that worked do not get additional pay or time-off.

Should you have further questions, please contact NYU PeopleLink at or 212-992-LINK (5465). 

About This Policy

Effective Date: September 01, 2010
Issuing Authority: Office of Executive Vice President
Responsible Officer: Vice President for Human Resources
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