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Student Grievance Procedure

About This Policy

Effective Date Supersedes N/A Issuing Authority Marc Wais, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs Responsible Officer Tracey Gardner, Deputy Chief of Staff to the President - Craig Jolley, Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards

Student Grievance Procedure

Articles I, IV, V, VI, and VII below shall be applicable to all of the schools of New York
University. Article II and Article III shall also be applicable to each school unless and until a school adopts and files with the Secretary’s Office procedures for the equivalent stages. To ensure compliance with the law and integration with the final appeal level, the procedures adopted by a school shall meet the following requirements:

a. Any written document required by the procedures shall be filed with the Office of the Executive Assistant to the President, and the procedures shall provide that information regarding grievance procedures can be obtained there.
b. Each decision level shall render a decision to the grievant within fifteen (15)
working days of the day when the matter was referred to that level, and the
decision of the highest decision level shall be in writing.
c. A grievant shall provide the school’s highest decision body, if he or she appeals to it, with a written complaint. The complaint shall state the written policy of the school or University that has allegedly been violated, describe the facts and evidence supporting the alleged violations, indicate what redress the grievant seeks, and provide a brief history of the attempts to resolve the grievance.
d. Every publication of the school’s grievance procedures shall include this

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