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Speakers and Other Campus Visitors

About This Policy

Effective Date Supersedes N/A Issuing Authority Office of the Provost Responsible Officer Marc Wais,Vice President, Student Affairs

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A Recommendation of the Commission on Student Life at Washington Square, affirmed by the University Senate on February 29, 1968.

The University is committed to upholding freedom of inquiry and expression on the campus;
The interests of the academic community are not served by fear and suppression of free discussion, controversy, and dissent;

The University upholds and encourages the freedom of students to express their views, to protest and demonstrate in an orderly and peaceful manner.


We support the presence of speakers and other campus visitors without subjecting them to political, social, and moral tests;

We support the freedom of expression and the invitation of speakers and other visitors without obstructive or restraining actions by individuals or groups, whether they constitute a majority or minority of students, faculty, or administration;

We reject the use of physical force or other disruptive means to obstruct and restrain speakers and other campus visitors as destructive of the pursuit of inquiry and learning in a free and democratic society.

The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent guidelines speakers and other campus visitors.

This policy applies to the NYU academic community.

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