Soliciting of New York University employees for any purpose (raffles, sales of merchandise, solicitation for membership or support of social, community, labor, or other organizations) is not permitted during the work time of the person being solicited or the solicitor.

Literature relating to the above activities may not be distributed in work areas.

Employees may not use University communication facilities (e.g., mail, e-mail, telephone, supplies, or equipment) except for NYU business purposes.

Salespersons, advertising distributors, and all other non-employees are prohibited from soliciting or distributing literature in any NYU building at any time.

These rules are necessary to minimize intrusions into the privacy of employees, as well as to prevent the unwarranted disruption of normal work activity. Employees engaging in prohibited activity, including solicitations that disrupt their own or other employees’ work assignments, are subject to disciplinary action.

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