Salary Adjustments

An employee must currently be “Meeting Expectations” based on our Performance Management framework to be eligible for any type of salary adjustment. The Compensation Office must review and approve all requests for any type of salary adjustment. In the rare instance that a salary adjustment is warranted, it must be funded within the Department's or School's pool for adjustments.


Market/Equity Salary Adjustments

A market or equity adjustment is a salary increase that is granted for one of the following reasons:

  • Market (external equity) adjustments are used to align pay with the external market.
  • Internal equity adjustments may be used to address salary inequities among individuals who are functioning in like positions that require similar skills, responsibilities and experience. 

Career Progression

With Bands, career progression is redefined and no longer considered to be only a move to a “higher grade.” Here are the three types of career progression:

  • Band-to-Band Promotion: Movement to a different job in a higher band
  • Within Band Growth: Movement to a different job in the same band
  • Role Enhancement: Adding significantly more responsibility within the same role

Promotions and Within Band Growth

A promotion is a move to a position in a higher band, whether in the same department (internal promotion) or another department (promotional transfer). It normally involves a salary increase. A promoted employee should be paid equitably compared to an employee with similar skills, experience, and qualifications within the same grade.

Note: The Talent Management Office must review and approve the Affirmative Action Recruitment Report for all hires and promotions into vacant positions before the Human Resources Officer may extend a job offer to the external or internal candidate.   

NYU also acknowledges lateral (in-band) development, which includes movement to a different role in the same Band.

Both Band-to-Band Promotion and Within Band Growth involve movement to a different role, with a different set of responsibilities, and a different title. Band-to-Band Promotions and Within Band Growth are job changes that may be accompanied by a Career Progression Increase. The amount of the increase will vary, and will be based on several factors, including the Market Reference Range of the new position relative to that of the old position, the pay levels of others in the new position, and the magnitude of the change.

Generally, increases for Band-to-Band Promotions will be greater than those for Within Band Growth, as movement to a higher band necessarily reflects significantly larger impact and contribution.

Within Band Growth itself can be differentiated by magnitude of change. Of consideration is the size of the new job compared with the old job—in terms of functional scope, organizational scope, P&L or budget responsibility, supervision or required knowledge, skills and abilities.

Movement to a position in a different function is less common and would usually be considered to be a change of greater magnitude than movement to a position within the same function. This is because it affords the organization a greater breadth of skills, while representing a larger challenge, or stretch, to the individual.

Temporary Salary Increases

Administrator and Professional employees may receive salary increases for:

  • assuming temporary responsibility for a higher level vacancy for an extended period at the specific request of the department head
  • assuming responsibility for a special project that is clearly outside the scope of the employee’s regular job responsibilities and is a significant additional work assignment

Role Enhancement

In addition to “traditional” (vertical) band-to-band promotions and lateral (in-band development), NYU wishes to acknowledge, recognize, and encourage development within the same role (with or without a title change), via role enhancement.  This tool is intended to help managers recognize and reward employees who achieve significant growth in their contribution and skills. It will help recognize the growth of employees in more ways beyond hierarchical  band level advancements or moves to different roles as ways for career progression.

Salary Increase Guidelines

Human Resources Officers should consult with their respective Compensation Consultant for any type of career progression under the banding structure to determine appropriate salary increases.


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