NYU actively seeks qualified applicants for open positions through a wide range of sources including: the online applicant database, print and electronic advertising, employee referrals, search firms, varied non-fee sources, and community agencies.

Job Vacancies

It is a policy of the University that all vacancies in applicable positions -- Administrator and Professional, Office and Clerical (Local 3882), Laboratory and Technical (Local 3882), and Service Staff (Local 1, Local 810, and Non-Union) -- be posted on the online applicant database of NYU Human Resources. Administrator and Professional and Service Staff (Local 1, Local 810, and Non-Union) jobs are posted daily. Office and Clerical (Local 3882) and Laboratory and Technical (Local 3882) jobs are posted on Mondays. For all units except schools, the job requisition must be approved by the University Hiring Review Team in order to post the job.

For units where there are employees who do not have computer access, HR Officers must print out the new jobs. This is to ensure that employees under the collective bargaining agreements have adequate access to all open jobs.

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