Recruiting and Advertising

With the online application system, units have access to a large database of applicants. Before considering advertising for an open job, first check the online application database for potential applicants. This can help save unnecessary recruitment advertising expenses.


It is University policy that recruitment advertisements in newspapers, journals, and web sites must be placed through the Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development. The Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development can help to write the advertisement for an open position and determine recruiting strategies to help recruit a diverse pool of qualified applicants. Costs for advertisements are normally charged to the account of the hiring department. As part of NYU’s commitment to expanding an already diverse employee population, the Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development maintains a listing of publications that have wide minority readership—supervisors may want to consider advertising an open position in one of these publications.

What to do if a Search Firm is needed

When a search firm is needed to recruit for an open position, the HR Officer must contact the Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development to obtain a list of search firms the University has a signed contractual agreement with, and may only engage a search firm from this list.


Search firm fees are paid by the department conducting the search and are generally based on a percentage of a candidate’s annual salary, if hired. Fees usually include a 90-day guarantee period. In general, if the employee resigns or is terminated during this period, the fee will be waived.

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