Personal Holidays

In addition to scheduled holidays, full-time regular employees are eligible for two personal holidays during the academic year. Part-time employees are eligible for an equivalent number of part-time days, depending on their schedule. To calculate personal holidays for a part-time employee, divide the total number of hours he or she typically works per week by 35 hours (a full-time work week) and multiply that number by 14 hours (the equivalent of two personal days). For example:

An employee typically works 15 hours per week
15 divided by 35 equals 0.43
0.43 multiplied by 14 equals 6.02

This employee is eligible for 6 hours of personal holiday time for the academic year. 

An employee may take personal holidays at any time of the year, scheduled in advance, with his or her supervisor’s approval. 

Personal holidays cannot be carried over from one academic year to the next. The privilege of using personal holidays expires two weeks prior to an employee’s separation date.

For Office and Clerical (Local 3882) and Laboratory and Technical (Local 3882) staff, permission will not be withheld unreasonably but a supervisor may refuse to allow a personal holiday under the following circumstances:

  • a peak work load period 
  • more than one in each six month division of the academic year
  • if less than one week notice is given

New Employees: The number of personal holidays to which an employee is eligible during his or her first academic year of employment depends on when he or she began working at NYU.

If employee began:

-- Between September 1 and December 31: 2 personal days during 1st Academic Year
-- Between January 1 and April 30: 1 personal day during 1st Academic Year
-- Between May 1 and August 31: 0 personal days during 1st Academic Year

  • Office and Clerical (Local 3882) and Laboratory and Technical (Local 3882) staff must successfully complete a three month probationary period before taking a personal holiday.

  • Administrators and Professionals are eligible to take personal holidays upon hire. 

For Service Staff (Local 1, Local 810), refer to the appropriate contract for all information about personal holidays. For Non-Union Service Staff, contact NYU PeopleLink.

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