Subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, this policy on jury duty covers Administrators and Professionals, Professional Research Staff, and Faculty who work for New York University (“NYU” or the “University”) in New York and/or Washington, D.C. (hereinafter, “covered employees”).

For employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) or other contract, please refer to the applicable CBA or other contract for the applicable provisions on jury duty.

Leave Entitlement

While a covered employee is on jury duty, the employee will receive his or her regular base pay for the time that he or she would have worked had he or she not been on jury duty. On days when a covered employee is not required to be in court, he or she is expected to report to work.


The covered employee shall provide his or her supervisor with notice of his or her need to attend jury duty as soon as practicable, so that the appropriate arrangements can be made in his or her absence. The covered employee also shall provide his or her supervisor with a copy of his or her subpoena to appear for jury duty. 


The covered employee shall provide his or her supervisor with proof of his or her attendance at jury duty. Unless otherwise indicated by a covered employee’s supervisor, an employee can confirm that he or she was out on jury duty by logging into myTime and selecting the reason for such use.

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