Job Evaluation Requests

A position evaluation is usually requested by the manager of the unit through the Human Resources Officer of that school or vice presidential unit. Evaluations are required when a new position is being created, or when an existing position (whether occupied or vacant) is changed significantly. An employee may request a position evaluation through his or her supervisor. Position evaluation requests should be submitted as far in advance of the desired effective date as possible. No position evaluation results may be retroactive. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement with Local 3882, the union may initiate a request for a position evaluation for Office and Clerical and Laboratory and Technical positions. See Article 10–Reclassification of the Agreement. Positions Paid on Grant Funds Classification and pay determinations are not affected by the source of the funding for the position (e.g., University budget or grant funds). Rather, it is through an analysis of internal equity and market factors that an appropriate salary increase is determined.

Budget Approval

Before a vacancy may be posted or filled, department heads must get budget approval from the Office of the Vice President for Budget and Resource Planning when the unit is:

  • creating a new position;
  • duplicating an existing position (adding to headcount); or
  • upgrading an existing position that is currently vacant but which the department head intends to fill.

The University Budget Office does not review the funding for requests for role enhancement and other types of career progression, including band-to-band promotions and within band growth. However, department heads must get approval from their unit’s financial officer.

Salary Increase Guidelines for Role Enhancement

Human Resources Officers should consult with their respective Compensation Consultant when Administrator and Professional employees are eligible for role enhancement to determine appropriate salary increases. Office and Clerical (Local 3882) and Laboratory and Technical (Local 3882) employees whose positions are reclassified to a higher graded bargaining unit position will receive a salary increase to at least the new grade minimum, or the difference between the old and new grade minimums if their current salary is above the grade minimum.

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