Extending Job Offers

It is the policy of the University that no offer may be extended until the appropriate recruitment has taken place and the final candidate is approved by the Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development.

When a supervisor has decided on a candidate and would like to extend an offer, there are certain steps that need to be taken before an offer can be extended.

Before Extending an Offer

Step 1: Confirm the hiring salary.

Prior to making an offer, the hiring manager should check with the unit’s HR Officer to confirm what the salary offer will be when the market reference range is determined and authorized for the job.

Step 2:

Administrators and Professionals: Complete an Affirmative Action Recruitment Report in PeopleAdmin

This report documents the measures that were taken during the recruiting process to ensure a diverse pool of candidates was reached, including recruitment activities, and the rationale for selecting the final candidate. 

Office and Clerical (Local 3882), Laboratory and Technical (Local 3882), and Service Staff (Local 1, Local 810, and Non-Union):

No job offer can be extended for Office and Clerical (Local 3882) and Laboratory and Technical (Local 3882)* positions until all qualified internal candidates, who have applied within the first 5 days, have been interviewed.

*As per the Collective Bargaining Unit Agreement with Local 3882.

Step 3: Check references.

When a final candidate is selected, the hiring manager, HR Officer, or department head must check the candidate’s employment references before extending an offer. See the Reference Check Form, a record of the telephone reference check. The form includes questions to ask about an applicant. The Office of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development can assist you by giving guidance in how to conduct a reference check and in some cases can also assist by doing the reference check. For information on reference checks for transfer applicants, see Promotion and Transfers.

Step 4: Extend the job offer.

Once a finalist has been identified, references checked, and all necessary approvals have been received, a hiring manager may offer the position to the candidate and set a start date.

For more information see the Manager's Toolkit: Recruiting Employees.

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