Employee Files

The Human Resources Division is responsible for maintaining a file for each employee.

Files Maintained

The Applications & Services Office in the Human Resources Division maintains files for the following categories of employees:

  • Administrator and Professional 
  • Office and Clerical (Local 3882)
  • Laboratory and Technical (Local 3882)
  • Service Staff (Local 1, Local 810, and Non-Union)
  • Casual

For information on faculty and other academic appointment policies, contact the Office of Academic Appointments. For student employee files, contact the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development. For information on non-New York based employee files, please contact the local Site Director.

Content of Files

The employee file contains information on each employee’s work history at NYU, and biographical information including educational background and home and office addresses.

Access to Files

Employee files are the property of the University and access to them is restricted to:

  • authorized University personnel who have a legitimate business need, or
  • entities entitled by law, as determined by the Office of Legal Counsel.

Verification of Employment and Salary Information

The Work Number®, an independent service, provides a secure way for employees to authorize third party verifiers (like lenders, landlords, and social service agencies) to confirm their NYU employment and salary information.

Only the employee may authorize the release of his or her salary information to the verifier. To find out more about this service, go to The Work Number Web site, or call their client service center at 1-800-996-7566.

This service is available to:

  • all current employees
  • anyone who has separated from the University within the last three years

If an individual has been separated from the University for more than three years, no information is provided by The Work Number® or the University.

An employee may request written authorization to verify employment by completing the Employee Request for Verification of Employment Form. This form should be completed, dated and signed by the employee then submitted to Human Resources.


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