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Dual Employment Policy – New York and District of Columbia

About This Policy

Effective Date Supersedes Apr 1, 2000 Issuing Authority Office of Human Resources Responsible Officer Vice President

This Policy on Dual Employment applies to New York University-New York and Washington, D.C. (collectively, “NYU” or “the University”).  “Dual employment” or “dual appointment” refers to an NYU employee holding more than one appointment, concurrently, with the University.

Regarding NYU-NY, an employee covered under a collective bargaining agreement between the University and Local 1, 30, 153, 3882, or 810 may not simultaneously hold a dual appointment as an Administrator/Professional, Professional Research Staff, or Faculty.

All other variations of dual employment/dual appointment are subject to the University’s conflict of interest and commitment policies, and, at a minimum, require that the Human Resources Officer/Business Partner (“HRO”) for the employee’s primary appointment provide approval to the HRO for the employee’s dual appointment.

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