Purpose of the Policy


This statement describes New York University's procedure for the creation, management, and appropriate use of non-NYU.EDU Internet domain names for computing. It establishes a framework for identifying and satisfying legitimate requests of this nature within the context of the educational and research missions of the University.



NYU requires its digital web properties to be published within the NYU.EDU namespace – whether they are hosted on NYU servers or non-NYU servers. However, there are occasions when it is appropriate that an NYU-owned or -managed web property exists outside the NYU.EDU domain.

Domain names outside the NYU.EDU domain name space may be obtained under specific and limited circumstances. Acceptable requests will be for NYU-affiliated activities that have purposes consistent with the mission of the University. However, non-NYU names will not be assigned for pure New York University educational or research activities, nor for private business or other commercial ventures — without an exception granted within the terms of this policy.

Responsibility for approving requests is vested in New York University's Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (VP/CIO). As an operational matter, the VP/CIO delegates responsibility for executing the procedures outlined in this document to the NYU Digital Communications Group, the NYU-NET Network Operations Center (NOC), and School of Medicine Chief Information Officer.

New York University's Digital Communications Group, in consultation with authorities in the unit of the requesting party and the NYU NOC, will gauge the acceptability of each request. The Digital Communications Group is the University's official entity for coordinating Internet-based information services, and the NYU NOC is the sole authority for Internet naming and numbering of all computers and other network-attached devices located within University facilities.

Application to digital.communications@nyu.edu is the only permitted avenue for requesting a network name outside the NYU.EDU name space. Domain names are officially assigned and registered with an Internet naming authority above the level of NYU; domain registrations must be performed by the NYU NOC itself, on behalf of the requesting party.

In a case where it is proposed to move the ownership or hosting of an existing domain from another organization to New York University, application must be made to digital.communications@nyu.edu in accordance with the approach described in this statement.

The NOC will apply for domain creation with the InterNIC, and NOC staff will be listed as administrative and technical contacts. The requesting party will bear the registration cost and will be listed as the billing contact. The NOC will provide primary and secondary name service for the domain.

Only under limited circumstances may individuals directly arrange or have a third-party vendor arrange non-NYU.EDU names for computing resources attached to NYU-NET or hosted outside NYU by application to ISPs or other Internet naming authorities outside the University:

  1. Student government;
  2. Student media;
  3. Student clubs;
  4. Employees exercising their rights to speak about the terms and conditions of their employment pursuant to Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act.

This is consistent with NYU’s policy on NYU IT NYU-NET Operational Principles (https://www.nyu.edu/about/policies-guidelines-compliance/policies-and-guidelines/nyu-net-operational-principles.html), which states that all domains used for NYU purposes – whether on NYU.edu or outside NYU.edu; whether hosted on NYU servers or non-NYU servers – are to be registered by NYU, not by individuals or outside agencies.

The requesting party will be held liable for any misuse of computers within the requested domain and for any violation of University acceptable-use policies, government regulations, or laws; such violations may be cause for discontinuation of support for the domain.

  1. Eligibility
    Faculty and full-time administrators/staff of the University may apply to the NYU Digital Communications Group for a non-NYU.EDU domain name. Students of the University are not eligible for this service.
  2. Appropriate Use
    An application for a non-NYU.EDU domain name will be considered if accompanied by a persuasive explanation of how its use is valuable and consistent with the educational and research mission of the University, thereby justifying the NOC's effort to assign and manage the new name space.
  3. Alternatives
    A non-NYU.EDU domain name may not be the only acceptable way to obtain a desirable, distinguishing Internet address. The NYU Digital Communications Group can discuss various alternatives within the NYU.EDU name space. Following the example given above, a URL such as http://www.nyu.edu/bigbang might be possible and in many cases will be encouraged.
  4. Process
    Application may be made via email to digital.communications@nyu.edu; at the School of Medicine, applications should be made to noc@med.nyu.edu. Requesters should include information as to their unit, school, and department within the University as well as a full description of the purposes for which they desire a non-NYU.EDU domain name. Any machines to be given such a name must be identified.

    It should be noted that Internet domain name registration carries with it an initial fee of approximately $75, covering two years of use; a $30 annual renewal fee is required thereafter. It will be necessary to confirm, on an annual basis, that each newly created domain name is still desired and is in use.
  5. Findability and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    Domains outside the NYU.EDU namespace will not be indexed by NYU’s Search service, will not be in NYU’s site map(s) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Site_map), and will not inherit the high reputation that Google attributes to the NYU.EDU domain for page rankings in its search services.
  6. Additional Information
    To obtain additional information, visit the ServiceLink knowledge base at www.nyu.edu/servicelink/041201916490133, or send email to hostmaster@nyu.edu.

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  2. History: Last Review: February 10, 2017. Last Revision: February 10, 2017.
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