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D.C. Parental Leave Policy and Procedure

About This Policy

Effective Date Supersedes N/A Issuing Authority Office of Executive Vice President Responsible Officer Vice President of Human Resources

New York University (“University”) will provide unpaid parental leave under the District of Columbia (“D.C.”) Parental Leave Act to employees working in D.C. in accordance with the terms of this policy. As set forth below, this policy lays out the parameters for parental leave eligibility and entitlement, the process for requesting such leave, and other provisions governing the use of such leave.


Subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, this policy applies to employees who work for the University in D.C. (hereinafter, “covered employees”).


-- A covered employee who is a parent is entitled to a total of 24 hours leave during any 12 month period to attend or participate in a school-related event for his or her child.

-- A covered employee also is entitled to a day of leave each year on April 16th (D.C. Emancipation Day).

The University may deny the use of leave only where it would disrupt the business of the University and make the achievement of production or service delivery unusually difficult.


A covered employee shall notify his or her supervisor of the desire for leave to attend a school-related event or to celebrate D.C. Emancipation Day at least 10 calendar days in advance, unless, in the case of a school event, the need to attend the school-related event cannot be reasonably foreseen.


A covered employee who takes leave afforded under this policy shall not lose any employment benefit or seniority accrued before or during the date of such leave.


The leave provided by this policy may consist of unpaid leave unless the covered employee elects to use any paid family, vacation, personal, compensatory, or leave bank leave under University policy.


Parent -- (a) the natural mother or father of a child; (b) a person who has legal custody of a child; (c) a person who acts as a guardian of a child regardless of whether he or she has been appointed legally as such; (d) an aunt, uncle, or grandparent of a child; or (e) a person who is married to, or in a domestic partnership with a person listed in subparagraphs (a) – (d).

School-related event
-- an activity sponsored by either a school or an associated organization such as a parent-teacher association. A school-related event includes: a student performance such as a concert, play, or rehearsal; the sporting game of a school team or practice; a meeting with a teacher or counselor; or any similar type of activity. A school-related event shall involve the parent's child directly either as participant or subject but not as a spectator.

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