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Assault, Harassment and other forms of Sexual Misconduct Resources, Services and Programs

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I. New York Campus:

    A. Medical Needs: Victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault should receive a comprehensive medical examination as soon as possible after the incident occurs. This is important for two reasons. One is to provide an immediate opportunity to treat medical conditions that may arise as a result of the sexual assault. A victim of sexual assault may also have injuries that are not physically visible. The second reason is to help in the collection of evidence. A victim of sexual assault can go to the hospital for a forensic examination up to 96 hours after a sexual assault. This will include a collection of evidence. Therefore, when possible, it is best not to shower, wash, douche, eat, or drink. It is also important to bring, in a paper bag, the clothes that were worn at the time of the sexual assault. At the hospital emergency department, a victim can also be given a general medical examination, antibiotics and testing for sexually transmitted infections, emergency contraception, and HIV prophylaxis and testing. After completing a forensic examination, the victim does not have to immediately file a report with the police. A hospital will store the rape kit for 30 days, which allows for the victim to later decide if she/he wants to report to the police. Financial assistance for any expenses that are incurred at the hospital that are not covered by the victim’s insurance may be covered by the New York State Crime Victim’s Board if the incident took place in New York.

If the victim does not choose to have a forensic examination completed, she/he also has the option to go to the NYU Student Health Center, the health service provider at the Study Abroad site, a local health clinic or their private physician for a general examination, emergency contraception, and sexual transmitted infection treatment and testing. Medical assistance at the SHC is available at Women’s Health, the Men’s Health Program, HIV Testing and Counseling and Primary Care Services.

B. Emotional Needs: Through the Wellness Exchange, members of the student community can access information and support concerning, either recent or past, incidents of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking and sexual harassment.    A Crisis Response Coordinator (CRC) can offer crisis intervention, medical advocacy, legal advocacy and academic interventions. In addition, CRCs can provide links to, and help in using, an extensive network of related services on campus and in the city of New York. CRCs are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Wellness Exchange 24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line at (212) 443-9999. A victim can also call the University Counseling Service (212-998-4780) to set up an appointment. Survivors can also call the Wellness Exchange to talk and they can do so anonymously, if they prefer. Student can write to the Wellness Exchange at and a counselor will respond within 24hrs.

C. New York On-Campus Support Services

The Wellness Exchange Hotline (212) 443-9999 *

NYU Student Health Center (212) 443-1000
     • Health Promotion (212) 443-1234
     • Women’s Health (212) 443-1166
     • Men’s Health (212) 443-1122
     • HIV Testing and Counseling (212) 443-1122
     • Counseling & Behavioral Health Services (212) 998-4780

Department of Public Safety (212) 998-2222 *
     • Special Victims Liaison (212) 998-9829

Office of Residence Life (212) 998-4311
     • Associate Director for Residential Wellness (212) 988-4885

Student Resource Center Helpline (212) 998-4411

NYU Community Standards and Compliance (212) 998-4403

D. New York City Support Services: In addition or as alternatives to NYU support services, students may seek help from a number of community agencies. The following are other helpful numbers:

Police emergency 911 *
NYPD Sex Crimes Hotline (212) 267-7273 *
NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project (212) 714-1141 *
Safe Horizons: Rape and Sexual Assault Hotline (212) 227-3000 *
Safe Horizons: NYC Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 621-4673 *
NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault (212) 229-0345
NYS Victim Information and Notification Everyday (888) VINE-4NY
NYS Crime Victim’s Board (718) 923-4325
Manhattan DA’s Office (212) 335-9000
Brooklyn DA’s Office (718) 250-2000
Bronx DA’s Office (718) 590-2000
Queens DA’s Office (718) 286-6000

Rape Crisis Centers (affiliated with hospitals)
Beth Israel Medical Center (212) 420-4516
Bellevue Hospital Center (212) 562-3435
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (212) 305-9060
Harlem Hospital (212) 939-4613 *
Mt. Sinai Medical Center (212) 423-2140
New York Presbyterian Hospital (212) 305-9060
St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital (212) 523-4728

Coney Island Hospital (718) 616-3000
Long Island College Hospital (718) 780-1459

North Central Bronx Hospital (718) 519-5722

Elmhurst Hospital Center (718) 736-1288

Staten Island
Rape Advocacy Agency, Staten Island (718) 720-2591*
(Advocates on call 24-hours, responding to hospitals)
Safe Horizons (borough-wide) (212) 227-3000 *

*indicates 24-hour number

E. Global Academic Centers/Campuses:

New York University students studying at a NYU Academic Centers/ Campuses can access services offered by the Wellness Exchange, Student Health Center and Counseling and Behavioral Health Service via phone or email. Additional services are available at each of the sites. For information about other services on or near your campus locations, call the Site Wellness Coordinator/Student Life Administrator listed below who can be your primary resource for accessing health and mental health care.


NYU Abu Dhabi-  Dr. Birgit Pols, Director. Health and Wellness Center

T: +1-212-443-1140

NYU Accra-  Christa E Sanders, Associate Director
T: 233-302-761528

Marian Ansa-Otu, Student Life Coordinator
T: 233-302-761528

NYU Berlin-  Gabriella Etmektsoglou, Director
T: 49-30-290-291-006

Linn Friedrichs, Student Life Coordinator
T: 49-30-290-291-002

NYU Buenos Aires
Alejandra Lombardo, Assistant Director for Student Life
T: 54-11-4828-5205

NYUFlorence                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mary L. Barbera
Assistant Director for the Office of Student Life

NYU London
Donna Drummond-Smart, Wellness Counselor
T: +447875640415

NYUMadrid                                                                                                                                       Caridad Dawson, Student Life and Wellness Coordinator
T: 34-91-590-2922

NYU Paris
Dr. Cynthia Mitchell, Wellness Coordinator and Campus Counselor
T: 33-1-5392-5080

NYU Prague                                                                                                                          Martina Faltova
Student Life Coordinator
T: 420-224-226-658

NYU Shanghai
David Pe, Assistant Dean for Student Life
86-21-5271-1341 ext 17

NYU Sydney
Anna Antoniak
Associate Director

NYU Tel Avuv                                                                                                                     Inbal Cavari
Assistant Director
T: 972-77-450-265

NYU Washington,DC                                                                                                 Michael Ulrich, Director
T: 202-321-7782



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Effective Date: August 15, 2013
Supersedes: Resources dated August 2012 Res
Issuing Authority: Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
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