Affirmative Action Recruiting

It is the University’s policy to recruit affirmatively for all vacancies, ensuring that information about employment opportunities reaches the broadest range of qualified people. It is especially important to reach people from groups whose level of employment at the University is lower than their estimated availability in the labor pool. Government calculations, as well as internal University analyses, indicate that those most likely to be underrepresented are women and members of minority groups. Therefore, special care must be taken to assure that recruitment information reaches people from those groups and that their applications are given serious attention in the recruitment process. Further, in addition to women and minorities, the University is committed to affirmative outreach to provide employment opportunities for those who are disabled, disabled veterans, veterans of the Vietnam Era, and other eligible veterans.

No commitment to hire someone may be made until the University has satisfied its commitment to recruit broadly. Any exception to this commitment requires the approval of the Deputy Director of Talent, Learning and Organizational Development in the Human Resources Division.

For more information see NYU’s Office of Equal Opportunity website.

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