Academic Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment

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The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent guidelines for Academic Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment.

This policy applies to Faculty, administrators and staff in the NYU Academic Community.


I.  General Principles
II. Policy Definitions
III. Conflict of Commitment

A. Definition
B. Policy and Discussion

IV. Conflict of Interest

A. Definition
B. Policy and Discussion
C. Types of Conflict of Interest

(1) Outside Activities and Other Personal Activities

(a) Outside Activities and Other Personal Activities Generally
(b) Outside Research Activities
(c) Outside Teaching Activities
(d) Requirements Related to Permissible Outside Activities, including Consulting, by NYU Faculty and Investigators

(2) Scholarship and Other Academic Activities
(3) Activities Creating a Conflict of Interest

(a) Improper Use of NYU Resources
(b) Obtaining, Using or Disclosing Confidential Information
(c) Failing to Disclose and Assign Inventions and Discoveries
(d) Competing with NYU
(e) Business Arrangements For Personal Benefit
(f) Gifts Intending to Influence
(g) Compliance with University Policies

D. Circumstances Under Which Conflicts of Interest May Be Permitted
E. Training

V. Procedures: Disclosures, Review and Responsibilities

A. Disclosures

(1) Faculty and Other Investigators: Annual Disclosures
(2) Faculty and Other Investigators: Research and Other Sponsored Projects: Reporting Requirements
(3) Faculty and Other Investigators: Ad Hoc Disclosures

B. Review Procedures

(1) Review of Annual and Ad Hoc Disclosures
(2) Review of Research and Other Sponsored Projects Disclosures

C. Responsibilities

(1) Faculty Advisory Committees on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment
(2) Responsibility of the Senior Vice Provost for Research
(3) Responsibility of the Executive Vice President for Health
(4) Responsibility of the School Deans (other than the Dean of the School of Medicine)
(5) Responsibility of the Dean of the School of Medicine

D. Appeals
E. Enforcement
F. Record Retention

Exhibit A: Examples of Conflict of Interest
Exhibit B: Addendum on Conflicts of Interest in Research and Other Sponsored Projects


New York University (NYU) believes that a great university should be engaged in the world and should actively foster the transfer of knowledge gained in scholarship and research for the benefit of the public. NYU encourages its faculty to serve these goals through their primary commitment to engaging in teaching, research, including sponsored research, and collegial support activities that are consonant with our values as an institution of higher education. Insofar as is consistent with that commitment, it also is appropriate and often desirable for faculty members to participate in public and private activities beyond their NYU association by engaging in other professional and academic activities including public service, pro bono work and consulting activities that may benefit the participants, NYU, and the larger public. Normally it is expected that there will be no conflict between faculty commitment to NYU and other activities in which faculty members may engage, that faculty and Investigators (as defined below) will conduct their affairs so as to avoid or minimize conflicts of interest, and that should there be any actual, potential or appearance of conflicts between the individual’s private interests and his or her professional obligations to NYU, the faculty member or Investigator will promptly disclose and resolve any issues before engaging in the activities.

NYU recognizes, however, that in undertaking activities as a part of a primary commitment to NYU or in outside endeavors, a divergence can occur between the personal interests of a faculty member or an Investigator and his or her professional obligations to NYU, in which case a conflict of commitment or conflict of interest can arise.

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  1. Dates of official enactment and amendments: Sep 1, 2013
  2. History: Supersedes Policy dated August 24th, 2012. This policy replaced the NYU Statement of Policy on Faculty Responsibility to the University, as approved on December 10, 1984 - New York University Supplemental Guidelines for Disclosure and Review of Conflicts of Interest in Research, as endorsed on February 9, 1995
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