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Introducing NYU Wikis

April 27, 2010

NYU Wikis is ITS’ newest collaboration tool for the NYU community. Perhaps you've heard of wikis, but aren't quite sure what they are or how they can be used in your research or teaching. In general, a wiki is a web-based tool that enables you to create and edit any number of interlinked web pages easily, using a visual (WYSIWYG-like) text editor within a web browser or a simple markup language.

The NYU Wikis service, in particular, is a web-based collaborative tool designed to give you the ability to create and manage private and public content for research, instruction, and academic activities. The service is available to faculty, staff, affiliates, and students with active NYU email accounts. You can access NYU Wikis via the Academics tab on NYUHome or via

Wikis are great for sharing information among research colleagues in a simultaneously accessible and protected environment. Unless you choose to share the information in your NYU Wikis space(s) with the University community or the world, only those to whom you specifically grant permission will have access. This will allow them to log in to your wiki from anywhere, read its content, and, if you've given them permission, edit and contribute to it! At present, you can grant access to your NYU Wikis space to other members of the NYU community with NYU Wikis access.

ITS, in conjunction with the Division of Libraries, currently offers NYU Wikis training and information sessions. These in-person group training sessions are held once a week during the first six weeks of the fall and spring semesters; both introductory and intermediate-to-advanced sessions are offered.

In addition to the training sessions, online help is available via the AskITS knowledgebase ( Through AskITS you can find step-by-step instructions as well as tutorials. If you have additional questions, you can also ask them via the AskITS contact form (, by emailing, or by calling ITS Client Services at 212-998-3333 (Monday - Friday from 8am - midnight, and Saturday and Sunday, noon to midnight).

If you are interested in getting started with the NYU Wikis service right away, and would like to learn more on your own, go to the NYU Wikis section of the ITS website ( There you will find an overview and introduction to NYU Wikis, as well as tips and tricks.

(For an example of how NYU Wikis is being used around the University, see High Performance Computing Made Easier, also in this issue of Connect.)

Examples of how you can use NYU Wikis

  • An instructor teaching a course on politics or public policy can use NYU Wikis to provide a workspace for policymaking and analysis.
  • In drama and film production courses, instructors can use NYU Wikis to create production portfolios.
  • Faculty members teaching art history, curation, or archaeology courses can create online exhibition documentation, object evaluations, and timelines.
  • Researchers writing a grant can collaborate and write in a private space.
  • A creative writing instructor can use NYU wikis to study drafts and evolution of literary texts.
  • A student can use NYU Wikis as a personal research notebook, organizing annotated links with lecture notes.



Chad Curtis is a Librarian for Literary Studies and Digital Scholarship in the Humanities within NYU Libraries. Terrell Johnson is a Digital Studio Technology Specialist within the NYU Digital Studio, a joint Libraries/ITS resource. Meredith Rendall is a Faculty Technology Specialist within ITS Faculty Technology Services.

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Introducing NYU Wikis

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