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Using the New Print Service: A How-to Guide

November 24, 2009

Tag & Send

From your application’s "File" menu, choose "Print." Select the ITS Print Service "printer." (It’s not really a printer, but the computer thinks it is.) You can now make layout and copy choices. When you’re ready, click "Print." You’ll then get a popup window asking you to tag the document with your NetID and an optional document name. Be sure to use your NetID (Figure 1) and not your "N" number; you can also use a Bobst Library Reusable Card ID number (Figure 2). The optional document name can be helpful when you get to the print station, particularly if you’ve sent more than one document. When you’re done tagging your document, click "Print" to send it off to the service. Your job will now wait in your personal printer queue (for up to 24 hours). The next step is "Swipe & Print."

Swipe & Print

When you're ready to print your document(s), choose a print service location that's convenient for you. Currently, the print service is available at all ITS computer labs and centers ( Every location has several print stations, each with its adjacent printer. Swipe your NYU ID at the station to retrieve a list of your documents waiting to be printed. (If you used a Bobst Library Reusable Card to tag your print jobs, you must swipe it — not your NYU ID — at the station.) From the list, select the document you want to print now and press the "Print" button; it will be printed immediately at the adjacent printer. Don’t want to print a document now? Leave it in the list and it’ll be kept for up to 24 hours. See a document in your list that you’ll never want to print? Click the "Delete" button to throw it away.

Installing the ITS Print Service Software Components on Your Computer

Open your browser, and link to the ITS Licensed Software page at Click "Print Service Software" in the table of contents, then select and download the appropriate installer for your computer type (either Windows or Mac). Simply run the installer, answer its few questions, and you’re ready to "Tag & Send" print jobs from any location within NYU-NET using your own computer!

What is double-sided (duplex) printing?

When you use double-sided (or "duplex") printing for your document, each physical sheet of paper holds two pages of your document, one page on the front of the sheet, and the other on the back. Nearly all traditional books are printed double-sided. The opposite of "duplex printing" is single-sided printing.
What is N-up printing?

This is a print layout style in which two or more document pages are printed on one side of a physical sheet of paper (see Figures 3 & 4). The most common use for this style of print layout is for previewing slides for a presentation, or for a presentation handout. You often see this layout style with single-sheet, folded brochures or restaurant menus.

For more information about the ITS Print Service, including help and FAQs, please visit


Liam Fry is the Manager of Student Technology Services within ITS.

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Figure 1. Sample NYU ID

Figure 1: Sample NYU ID.

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