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NYU Traveler: Staying in contact while abroad

November 24, 2009

NOTE: This article describes an old version of NYU Traveler.
For information about the current version, see the NYU Traveler website.

Each year, more than 4,000 NYU students, faculty, and staff travel abroad to our globally networked University’s international academic and research centers, as well as for NYU-sponsored programs, trainings, and excursions at other locations. The growth in international study, research, and travel has made staying in touch with NYU community members abroad more important—and more challenging—than ever. The capability for timely communication between the Washington Square campus and NYU’s global community is essential, particularly in the event of a catastrophe, natural disaster, or other emergency.

Enter NYU Traveler, a web-based application that provides NYU community members with a secure means of entering and updating travel plans and verifying contact information. Scheduled to be out toward the end of the Fall 2009 semester, and the result of a collaboration of the University’s Department of Public Safety and Information Technology Services (ITS), NYU Traveler will give appropriate University administrators and Schools the ability to quickly retrieve up-to-date information, so that students, faculty, and staff abroad can be easily located and contacted.

NYU Traveler is NYU’s highly customized, proprietary version of StudioAbroad, software from Terra Dotta, Inc. that is used among other universities. Based on input from a cross-departmental task force, NYU’s implementation employs an adaptable design, so that it can be used for many different travel programs within NYU as well as for a range of travel types, from NYU-affiliated programs to personal side trips, and faculty or staff excursions and conferences to sabbaticals and business trips.

NYU Traveler will benefit traveling NYU community members and NYU administrators alike, and will become an integral part of the travel-abroad planning process, which includes input from the Offices of Public Safety and Risk Management, the NYU Wellness Exchange, and the individual Schools as well.

How NYU Traveler Works

NYU students, faculty, and staff who are traveling abroad will be able to access NYU Traveler via NYUHome or by logging in directly at In addition, students will be able to access NYU Traveler via Albert and faculty and staff via ePASS. Once you are logged in, it is easy to add and update pertinent travel information such as an itinerary, flight number, date of travel, and so on.

Faculty and staff members will create and update their own travel records, one record for each trip that they take. For most types of travel, records for NYU students going abroad will be created by the administrator of the NYU-affiliated travel program; students will then need to complete the travel record and update it, should information change or a side trip be added. (For side trips and a few other types of travel, students will create their own records.)

Via the system’s interface, travelers will be able to update their plans throughout the semester in which they are traveling and add new or last minute side or weekend trips as soon as their plans are made.

While participation in NYU Traveler is optional for some Schools within the University, most will be making this a mandatory process for all who are traveling abroad. Simply put, if there is a family emergency, natural disaster, or some other sort of catastrophe, NYU Traveler will make it easier to contact one or all of the students, staff, or faculty abroad. And safety – which can depend on staying in touch – is a top priority, whether at NYU’s New York campus or at one of the many global locations where NYU community members study, research, and work.



Anthony D'Angelo is an Emergency Notifications & Communications Manager within NYU's Department of Public Safety.

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NYU Traveler: Staying in contact while abroad

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