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A New NYU Data Center Is Launched

November 24, 2009

Over the course of the fall 2009 semester, ITS has been completing the development of the new NYU South Data Center, and has been moving the hardware on which many of the ITS-supported systems run to this new location in downtown Manhattan.

The much-needed new data center is a modern, robust environment providing sufficient cooling, power, and space to house existing research computing clusters, administrative systems, and NYU school and departmental systems. And perhaps even more important, it offers substantial room for the growth in IT resources that the University will require over the coming years, since with this new data center, the IT power, cooling, and space for ITS-supported services have essentially been doubled.

By the end of the fall semester, ITS will have moved hundreds of systems and terabytes of data into the new facility, in a complex and substantial move project that has involved careful planning, preparation, testing, coordination, and communication with NYU business offices, schools, and departments to best accommodate their requirements.

Thanks to all who have participated in partnership with ITS in NYU's South Data Center project! We hope to share some of the fascinating details of this huge endeavor in an upcoming issue of Connect Magazine.


Sherif Samaan is the Director for Computing Facilities Services within ITS Communications & Computing Services.

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A New NYU Data Center Is Launched

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