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Connect Archives: Fall 2007

November 1, 2007

Connect: IT at NYU (Fall 2007) is available for download as a PDF file. Please note, issues from the Connect archives may contain links, contact information, or other content that is no longer up-to-date. If you have any questions regarding archive content, please send e-mail to

In this issue

  • What You Should Know About Second Life
    By Vincent Doogan
  • Service Without Boundaries: IT Services at NYU’s International Academic Centers,
    Programs & Branches

    By Carlos Garcia 
  • Visiting the Digital Studio
    By Jeffrey Bary, Ethan Ehrenberg, Barbra Mack & Kate 
  • Quantitative Research on Campus: Data and Statistical Resources at NYU
    By Jennifer Black 24
  • Geographic Information Systems: Understanding the Impact of GIS on Humanitarian
    Emergency Management Strategies
    By Jaime Martinez 
  • Collaborative Research Tools: No Need to Work Alone!
    By Andy Rutkowski 
  • Resource Sharing During Emergencies: DOCLINE, National Network of Libraries, and NYU
    By Kathel Dunn, Miguel Figueroa & Beth Wescott 
  • Manage Your Information Using Self Service
    By Keith Allison
  • Meeting Maker Web Calendar: Your Calendar, From Anywhere
    By Keith Allison 
  • NYUeVita
    By the NYUeVita Team 
  • Raised Floor Evolution: Transforming Departmental Server Support
    By Joanna Ratajczak 
  • New and Improved Services: NYU Lists (Forums)
    By Jodi Goldberg
  • New and Improved Services: Advanced Media Studio
    By Shelly Smith 
  • Have a Question? Ask ITS!
    By Keith Allison 
  • Did You Know? Personalizing NYUHome
    By Alissa Wilkinson


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Connect Archives: Fall 2007

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