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Connect Archives: Fall 2001

November 1, 2001

Connect: IT at NYU (Fall 2001) is available for download as a PDF file. Please note, issues from the Connect archives may contain links, contact information, or other content that is no longer up-to-date. If you have any questions regarding archive content, please send e-mail to

Inside this issue

  • ACH/ALLC 2001 Humanities Computing Conference at NYU
    By Kate Monahan, with the ITS Humanities Computing Group 
  • Teaching More Effectively with Technology A Conference and Exhibition at New York University
    By Faculty Resource Network Staff
  • Internet2: The Next Generation Theatre Multimedia Performances at NYU
    By Philip Galanter 
  • How Can I Create an Internet2 Performing Arts Event?
    By Philip Galanter
  • "Conversations" on the Web Using a Web-based Environment to Enhance a CAS MAP Course
    By Nancy Freeman Regalado, with Marybeth McCartin 
  • Digital Reference at Bobst Library
    By Jennifer Schwartz
  • Rebuilding the Front Door Updating the University's Homepage
    By Drew Hahn, with Donna Filonovsky
  • NYU Home v2.0
    By Randy Wright and Robert Brill
  • Using Computer-based Molecular Graphics in a Science Course for Non-Majors
    By Trace Jordan Neville Kallenbach and Marvin Rich
  • Intercooled Stata Version 7.0
    By Frank LoPresti
  • Personal Firewalls
    By Tracey Losco
  • University-wide License for Oracle Products
    By Marilyn McMillan, CITO

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Connect Archives: Fall 2001

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