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Connect Archives: Spring 2001

April 1, 2001

Connect: IT at NYU (Spring 2001) is available for download as a PDF file. Please note, issues from the Connect archives may contain links, contact information, or other content that is no longer up-to-date. If you have any questions regarding archive content, please send e-mail to

Inside this issue

  • Special Feature: Tribute to George Sadowsky, an Internet Evangelist
    by Marilyn McMillan
  • ACH/ALLC 2001: Humanities Computing Conference to be held at NYU
    by Lorna Hughes and Matthew Zimmerman
  • The Studio for Digital Projects and Research: A Unique Center for Technology
    by Lorna Hughes and Philip Galanter
  • Reinventing Public Terminals: Providing Safe and Secure Access to NYUHome
    by Tracey Losco
  • My 2nd Computer was a UNIVAC I: Some Reflections on a Career in Progress
    by George Sadowsky
  • What's New at the 3rd Avenue North Dorm?
    by Robyn Berland
  • The New Faculty Technology Center at ITS
    by Vincent Doogan
  • The Electronic SPARC
    by Suzanne Fedunok
  • Blackboard 5: " dreams begin responsibilities..."
    by Vincent Doogan
  • The Distribution of the Black Squirrel Monkey: ArcView GIS at NYU helps visualize the biology of a species
    by Dylan Schwindt
  • ArcIMS: Internet Map Server
    by Frank LoPresti and Yekaterina Bolotnaya
  • S-PLUS Statistical Package Adopted by ITS
    by Robert Yaffee
  • New ACS Employee Biographies

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Connect Archives: Spring 2001

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