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Connect Archives: Fall 1999

November 1, 1999

Connect: IT at NYU (Fall 1999) is available for download as a PDF file. Please note, issues from the Connect archives may contain links, contact information, or other content that is no longer up-to-date. If you have any questions regarding archive content, please send e-mail to

Inside this issue

  • ITS: We're At Your Service
    By Marilyn McMillan
  • ADCOM Services: Administrative Computing at NYU
    By Marie Gayle
  • Change Affecting the Workplace
    By Neptali Martinez
  • Let's Continue This After Class: Web-Based Instructional Tools
    By Vincent Doogan
  • Who's in Control?: Issues in Interactive Media Art
    By Sarah Drury
  • Browsing the Web By Proxy
    By Lisa Barnett
  • NYU-NET Proxy Server Configuration
    By Gary Chapman
  • Dynamic Websites: Enabling your Database on the Web
    By Jonathan Vafai and Robert Brill
  • Web Resources for Social Workers
    By Gary Holden and Adam Donahue
  • A New Calendar for NYU
    By Adam Donahue
  • Fall Schedule Center Pullout 
  • Getting Ready for the Millennium: Y2K at NYU
    By Jill Hochberg 
  • The Animated Dimension: Improvisation in Virtual Reality
    By Michael W. Lewis 
  • Electronic Text in Coles Science Center
    By Tracy Lay 
  • New Issues in Digital Copyright
    By Jane DelFavero 
  • High-Volume Call Centers at NYU
    By Ken Fauerbach 
  • News from Telecommunications Services
    By Chuck Kuhlman 
  • Version 2.0
    By Carlo Cernivani 
  • Windows NT (In)Security
    By Larry Mingione and Eray Ekici

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Connect Archives: Fall 1999

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