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Connect Archives: Spring 1999

April 1, 1999

Connect: IT at NYU (Spring 1999) is available for download as a PDF file. Please note, issues from the Connect archives may contain links, contact information, or other content that is no longer up-to-date. If you have any questions regarding archive content, please send e-mail to

Inside this issue

  • Governing the Internet
    by George Sadowsky
  • Online Voting at NYU: CAS Student Council Elections
    by Russell Webb
  • Searching NYU Web: New Search Engine Software
    by Adam Donahue
  • Lyris: Next Generation List Server
    by Alison Kraskey
  • The New Face of NYU Web
    by Drew Hahn
  • Is It Soup Yet?: Keeping an Eye on Internet2
    by Bill Russelll
  • Managing Large Mailing Lists
    by Jane DelFavero
  • Software Upgrades: When Should You Bother?
    by Lisa Barnett
  • Fall Schedule -- Center Pullout
  • Copyright Implications: Using Images in Educational Collections
    by Jenni Rodda
  • Presidential Scandals and Job Approval: Impact Analysis with SAS
    by Robert A. Yaffee
  • GIS in Healthcare
    by Zvia Segal Naphtali
  • Bibliographic Management Software
    by Gloria Rohmann
  • Digital Cameras: Zooming in on Film
    by Jeffrey Bary
  • Optical Character Recognition for Humanists
    by Steven Killings
  • Humanities Computing at the ACF Innovation Center
    by Lorna Huges

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Connect Archives: Spring 1999

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